Choose the Best Shiatsu Course

Before choosing a shiatsu course that is best suited to your requirements, you have to be clear about your reasons for wanting to learn shiatsu massage. Do you want to learn this massage technique purely to further your knowledge or are you aspiring to be a professional shiatsu massage therapist?

The answer will have a direct bearing on the type of course best suited to you.


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Are You Interested In Being a Massage Therapist?

If you are not planning a career as a therapist, then a local shiatsu course offering knowledge about the different shiatsu techniques should suffice. However, if you are planning a career as a therapist then you will want to choose an institution that focuses on professional training. You will need to take many courses in order to be certified as a shiatsu massage therapist. These courses will include:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncture meridians and pressure points
  • Diagnosis of diseases
  • Shiatsu massage techniques
  • The three main shiatsu systems
  • Clinical practice
  • Ethics and business practices

The course length can vary from 300 to 700 hours of classroom and practical work and can take up to three years to complete. Longer and more intensive courses are also available. Many schools offer evening and weekend classes as well as flexible timings for working students or those with families.

Be Clear About Your Reasons

Your reasons for wanting to learn shiatsu massage will play a big role in deciding the course you choose. Be very clear about your motives. A career as a professional therapist is not for everyone.

If you are not clear about whether you want to train as a professional therapist or just for the knowledge, then you should choose a course that can be combined with others should you decide on the professional path at a later date. Ensure that you choose an accredited institution.

Deciding to be a Professional

Deciding between a career-oriented or an individual course can be a confusing task. Not everyone is cut out for a career as a shiatsu massage therapist. It takes a lot of time and commitment to become a qualified therapist. You should have a desire to help people with plenty of people skills if you are to have a successful career. The accredited courses do not come cheap and can cost anywhere from $6000 to $ 12000.

You will need to consider all of these factors before making your decision.

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