Yoga Massage Training

Submitted by Bonnie Sedan on December 14, 2012

Yoga massage involves a combination of massage techniques, yoga asanas and pressure applied to various energy points along the body. Unlike traditional forms of massage, yoga massage is performed on a yoga mat or thin mattress on the floor and does not use any creams or oils.


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Only a professionally trained therapist and certified practitioner can perform such types of massages. If you are interested in training to be a yoga massage therapist, there are a number of different schools and institutes in the country and abroad that can provide you with the specialized training required to practice this discipline.

Massage Practitioner Training Program

Most schools insist on up to 240 hours of training before you are considered a certified yoga massage practitioner.

Training programs are usually broken down into smaller hourly segments that teach you everything from the basics of anatomy to the theories behind the different types of yoga massages. A typical training program will also provide you with the knowledge required to customize your massage therapy to meet different client requirements.

Certification Courses for Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage courses combine both theory and practice. Thai yoga massage techniques may be difficult to master in limited amount settings and most institutes offer refresher courses and online modules to help students keep up to date with their training. Most certification courses for Thai yoga massage include modules on body mechanics, rhythm, anatomy, memorization techniques, and hands-on instructions.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training combines the traditional practice of Indian deep tissue massage with deep breathing and yoga movements and stretching. Official training centers of this type of yoga massage are found in India, Russia, Brazil, China, Tibet, and France. Instructor courses range for basic to advanced modules and include sections on physiology and anatomy as well as ancient yoga theory.

No matter what type of yoga massage certification you are interested in, make sure you check the following before signing up for any course:

  • Ensure that the school has all the necessary licenses
  • Review staff qualifications and experience
  • Study the course modules closely to make sure that they match your areas of interest
  • Inquire about financial aid if required
  • Look for a school that offers both theory and practical knowledge. Hands-on experience is essential for any massage therapy
  • Investigate the schools placement services and employment records of past students as this will give you a clearer idea of the school’s reputation.
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