How Can Yoga Help Boost Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Submitted by shopie on May 17, 2013
Scared of making a presentation in front of a large gathering? Perhaps what you need is a meditative session to boost your self-confidence. This, in turn, will help you improve your presentation skills and make you less hesitant every time you get up to speak at a gathering of any size.


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This is especially detrimental for the careers of those who have to go for a lot of sales meeting representations. If you are also one of those who experience a scary feeling talking in front of a group of people, it is best to start thinking of joining a yoga class where they teach you to focus and meditate. Since yoga helps to prepare your mind before such tasks, it is best to resort to it sooner than later.

Practicing Yoga Can Help You Regain or Increase Your Self-Confidence

Practicing yoga has many benefits, both for your body and your mind. Yogic breathing is known to be very beneficial. Deep breathing can help instill confidence and improve your overall well being. It can help you gain enough confidence to talk to people and address large gatherings. The rhythmic breathing can help ease nerves naturally and promote a relaxed feeling.

Yoga poses also require strong postures that increase confidence by inspiring physical authority. This can also help you be relaxed even if you make a mistake. Once you perform a yoga session, it would help if you meditated after it. When you begin to practice yoga, you will experience some difference in your self esteem and self confidence. With continued practice, you will realize that yoga can help you bring your confidence to new levels. This confidence helps you look at the audience before you start and maintain eye contact throughout the duration of your speech. It is also important to ensure that you smile every now and then while you are talking. Experienced yoga gurus have often said that yoga instills a confidence that is near permanent and may never wither away. It also helps you get an inner strength that helps you endure any situation.

Other Tips for Increasing Self Confidence

When you prepare enough to present, you are almost always confident of doing a good job. Collect a lot of information so that you are well prepared. It is usually the underprepared or the unprepared that should have something to fear. Try to lower your inhibitions, so that you can speak freely. Even before that, it is always a good idea to select a comfortable topic which you are sure of. The more comfortable you are with a topic, the easier it is for you to be more confident.

Relax Your Mind before You Begin

Before you go out for making a presentation, perform yoga poses that help you relax. Child’s Pose (Balasana) and Mountain Pose (Tadasana) are two poses that stretch all your muscles and relax your nerves. Both these poses are great to lower your stress levels and relax body and mind. Try to be yourself and do not try to mimic anyone. This is another key to delivering a confident speech or presentation.

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