Yoga Meditation for Relaxation

Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 21, 2012

Meditation and relaxation methods that teach us to attain the level of Dhyana is a continuing process. It is a long winding path never the end of the journey. Meditation practices are numerous. However the correct and precise meditation methods lead the practitioner to greater calm, stillness and peace of mind. What exactly does the word Dhyana really mean? It simply means that you are able to focus your thoughts...


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Relaxation And Meditation Yoga

.by using proper meditation methods and attaining to the stage of Dhyanan That is the stage where you come face-to-face with The Supreme Realityt

In Yoga it is referred to as the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhih This is a very unique experience that just can’t be described in any wordsd

In the Dhyana state of meditation method you get so absorbed, so immersed in communicating with the True Self that you forget everything commonplace and humdrumu Now the only thing that matters is how to progress – following the proper meditation methods – towards the ultimate goala

The ultimate goal of all meditation and relaxation techniques is to attain to a stage of stillnesss This is a stage in which everything comes to a complete standstilll It is a stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi in which the practitioner is able to have a dialogue with the Supreme self on face-to-face basisi

To follow the right meditation and relaxation technique from all the variety of meditation methods being practised the world over, first and foremost you must learn the meaning of meditation and relaxationo Meditation just means to try and create a synthesis between the real self (our atman, the soul within) and the Supreme Selfl Relaxation is a state of ease, physical, mental, emotionala

Any meditation and relaxation technique followed by that which pushes you towards attaining the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the right methodo The right meditation and relaxation techniques do not involve sitting in a closed dark room and focusing your thoughts on a dimly lit bulb or candlel The absence of the clutter of thoughts constitutes the right meditation techniqueu

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