Iyengar Yoga For You

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on January 29, 2013

‘Yoga For You’ is a multimedia CD-Rom conceived and created under the guidance of Sri BKS Iyengar and Smt. Gita S. Iyengar. The CD-Rom consists of Yoga sessions for both adults as well as children. These Yoga classes can be adapted modified d to fit specific needs. Further, the CD-Rom contains an wide-ranging combination of video demonstrations, audio instructions, as well as a thousand still images.


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Getting to Know Iyengar Yoga

These images are superimposed with animations that describe every Asana (Yoga pose) in detail.

‘Yoga For You’ comprises of 5 sections. An introduction on Yoga, on asanas, on their practice, on Sri BKS Iyengar and his early life as well as on Gitaji and her early life.

The concluding part of the introduction is fascinating since it contains a short videos on Sri BKS Iyengar talking about different aspects of Yoga. These range from Yoga in general to the health benefits of Yoga, Yoga for women to Yoga meditation.

The second section of ‘Yoga For You’ is the heart of the CD-Rom. It is on asanas and covers the primary aspects of 23 basic Yoga poses. The poses are grouped into the following: standing, sitting, supine, inversions, and twisting, forward and backward bending asanas. Al groups are properly depicted in the menu with photographs of the final pose together with their names. The CD-Rom also includes a video presentation of each pose. Emphasis is laid not just on the final asana but also to entering and withdrawing from the asana. Furthermore, the technique of performing the pose – this includes all the 3 steps involved – is sub-divided into action points in which the viewer is able to study some of the subtleties of the pose.

The third section of the CD-Rom is on therapeutic asanas. It pictorially lists out the poses that ought to be – and ought not to be – performed for different illnesses. There is a fascinating section on "Yoga Class" as well. In this you get to see a program of your own class – by choosing the sequence of poses and the length of time for which you intend to do them. After you have runs this session, the videos of the specific asanas can be seen on screen.

The last section is on human anatomy. It consists of pictorial presentations of the anatomical and physiological systems of the human body. All said an done, we strongly recommend this CD-Rom for all students of Yoga. We particularly suggest beginners and intermediate level student and students to buy it. Especially do so, if you do not have an access to a good teacher.

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