Kundalini Shakti Activation

Kundalini awakening calls for the following:

Deha Shuddhi (purity of body)

Nadi Shuddhi (purification of Nadis)

Manas Shuddhi (purity of mind)

Buddhi Shuddhi (purity of intellect)


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Kundalini Yoga is accomplished through a blend of Prana (cosmic energy) with Apana (eliminating energy). The route is the cerebrospinal conduit (and its neuro-endocrinal outward radiance to every cell). Progress involves moving the body from its energetic dimension conveyed by the upward movement of Prana. In so doing, the volitional will and the mind remain meditatively spellbound. This stimulates Kundalini energy to rise.

The fundamental practices for activation of Kundalini Shakti are as follows:

  • Purification of the body with the aid of Neti, Dhauti, Basti and Asanas.
  • Practice of eight kinds of Pranayamas.
  • Practice of necessary Bandhas and Mudras.
  • Practice of Meditation

The asanas of Kundalini Yoga similar to those of Hatha Yoga, the only difference being that Hatha Yogic postures are retained for a while. However, for Kundalini Yoga, the poses are a little dynamic breathing and flexing the spine to let the Kundalini life force circulate unimpeded throughout the body.

In the process it energizes the subtle and invisible charkas of the astral body, as well. In addition, Kundalini Yoga employs visualization, projection and focused attention. If done correctly, in the right spirit and with the right intention and attitude, these practices are bound to produce the desired results.

But since the rise of Kundalini Shakti depends on Nadi purification, it is imperative to follow all the Yamas and Niyamas as well. Because these Nadis are subtle and require not just physical kriyas but also moral and ethical practices for their purification.

Many ignorant people nowadays, tend to believe they have attained purity and make major mistakes in Sadhana. These unfortunates tend to select exercises of their choice, practice irregularly manner and abandon it all the moment they start experiencing the ill-effects. Beware, Kundalini Yoga is not child's play and not to be started and stopped at one's whim. The repercussions are far too serious and long lasting than one can even imagine. Hence a word of caution: always seek the guidance of a genuine experienced Master before commencing Kundalini Yoga practices.

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