Free Guided Chakra Meditation

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

Yoga is a unique art which attempts to unite the mind, body, and soul through various poses and meditative techniques. Meditation is an integral part of yoga.


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Today the technique of meditation is being used by many to calm and soothe the mind and to bust stress. Not only does this help restore your inner peace, but also brings harmony to your life. This technique can be used anywhere any time.

However, sharpening your concentration and meditating can be difficult initially. For those who are just beginning to meditate, free guided meditation can be a good solution.

In a guided meditation technique, a guide induces meditation by prompting the practitioner. This guidance can be induced by a recorded message in the physical absence of a guide.

Guided meditations are induced in order to produce a clarity of thought in midst of stress and chaos. Guided imagery relaxation is one technique that helps to induce vivid guided imagery, capturing the mind in a trance. Both physical and mental tension can be reduced by this technique. Guided imagery healing can help recreate suppressed creativity, benefiting especially those who are in the creative businesses. For others, it can help tap the inner wisdom of the mind and the soul.

There are other guided meditations that can help energize the energy centres of the body. Each of these energy centres are scientifically linked to our endocrine glands, the functioning of which are responsible for the physical and mental well being of the body. Guided chakra meditation not only acts as a powerful stress buster but also helps enliven these various energy centres that guide the flow of energy through our body. This can induce positivity in our daily life and thoughts. A guide helps you to focus on the various energy centres or 'chakras' in the body, guiding you from one centre to another, inducing chakra healing. Guided chakra meditation helps in creating a shift of energy to the parts of the body that need to be recharged. It can leave you feeling physically revitalized and mentally charged.

These meditative techniques are helpful in maintaining a well balanced lifestyle. They can help prevent a range of health problems and can also help treat some that you may already be suffering from. They help you delve deeper into your subconscious and enable you to have a meaningful introspective session so that you can rediscover yourself.

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