Can Reiki Be Self-Taught?

Reiki is a holistic therapy that can be performed by any individual without any restriction of age, gender or physical state. Moreover, there are no strict rules and regulations for mastering the art of reiki.

While you do not require any prior knowledge of energy flow or physical body dynamics, reiki in itself cannot be taught to anyone, it can only be acquired.


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Significance of Self Learning

Reiki, if performed daily, reconditions the energy flow in the body. The daily practice reduces anxiety and creates an inner feeling of bliss and contentment. Although, most people prefer someone else to perform the therapy on them, but time constraints and busy schedules are compelling reasons for many to perform reiki on themselves.

Knowing reiki can be of immense benefit to people suffering from chronic health conditions such as asthma, depression, cancer, fatigue, heart disease, and hypertension. The therapy can be practiced regularly multiple times in a day, at the convenience of their location, which can strengthen their physical and mental well being. 

The benefits of knowing how to perform reiki have financial advantages also. First degree reiki can be passed on to friends and family as well. Some reiki practitioners believe that reiki works for animals in the same way as with human beings. It is believed that performing reiki on pets increases their affection and co-operation.

Learning Reiki

As mentioned earlier, reiki cannot be learnt. Nevertheless, it is imperative to contact a qualified reiki therapist or master from whom you can acquire this art or the ability to regulate energy from the source. Thorough research should be conducted to find a proper and trained reiki master. Reiki is not a regulated procedure, so the certainty of anyone proclaiming to be a certified reiki practitioner is not assured.

An easy method to find a well trained reiki master is to network with friends that participate in reiki sessions. The check can also be done at the local hospitals and medical centers, since most medical facilities house complimentary and alternative medicine units. Many local organizations and community centers also offer reiki services to people with chronic medical conditions.

Three Degrees of Reiki Training

There are three degrees of reiki treatment or therapy. Every degree compliments each other and provides improvement and refinement in the practice.

First degree: In the first degree, reiki self-care and sharing is practiced. The first degree session enables the student to perform reiki on themselves for life. The important hand placements through an abbreviated chair session or a complete session are studied. Reiki through spot therapy and the initiation of the therapy in acute circumstances is also learned. The first degree is an initiation of the student into the principles of reiki and authorisation of the passage of the life force energy. First degree is especially beneficial for people who are only interested in performing the therapy on themselves and their near one’s.

Second degree (distant healing): The second degree reiki therapy empowers a student to set up a mental contact with the recipient whenever the physical touch is impractical. The degree can also improve the hands-on treatment skills.

Third degree (reiki master level): The third degree is achieved through a thorough and extended guidance of an experienced reiki master. A qualified third degree reiki master can become a reiki teacher and educate others about the healing therapy.

These degrees of reiki are also defined as attunements, which mean tuning or adjustment in to the life force energy. The attunement transports an awakening or recollection of the transformation and healing capabilities of each individual.

Reiki is mastered and perfected through regular and diligent practice. The healing therapy can be learned to enhance the quality of life and to heal illnesses and disorders. Learning reiki does not require any special qualities, psychic abilities or intellectual wisdom. The willingness to learn and regular practice of the therapy on oneself and others creates a healthy and stimulating environment.

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