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(August 11, 2011)

I have a very body. Is there any yoga for gaining body weight?

Yoga/Pranayama For Increasing Weight

The practice of yoga is usually associated with weight loss, but yoga can also be helpful in weight gain. The yoga postures do not directly bring about weight gain but rather they increase the appetite of the practitioner. When a diet that is healthy and balanced is combined with the yoga postures you can put on a lot of pounds. Some of the yoga postures that are recommended for weight gain are Savasana (Corpse Pose) and Sirshasana (Headstand). These poses help in soothing the body and reduce stress.

Practicing the yoga postures also helps in increasing the elasticity of the muscles and brings more flexibility to the body, thereby providing more energy to take up more activities. This helps in increasing appetite and the feeling of hunger. Some yoga postures also help in treating the thyroid and other conditions, thereby helping with natural growth and bringing about positive weight gain. However, make sure that you avoid unnecessary fatty foods.

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How To Gain Weight Through Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that is used to gain complete control over one’s mind and body. Yoga is not specifically designed for weight gain. In order for an individual to gain weight, he or she must add fat or muscle mass to the body. Muscle mass can be added to a certain extent using yoga. There are some yoga positions that promote the development of muscles. However, it is important to note that yoga is essentially designed to help improve the efficiency of the body both in terms of mental as well as physical control. Yoga is not used for body building, although body builders may benefit from using yoga to improve their flexibility, respiration and blood circulation.

In order to gain weight, one should consume a diet that contains more calories. However, these additional calories should be added using healthy food sources that contain important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. This will ensure that the body is well nourished, putting it in a good position to add weight. If one seeks to gain weight, it may be necessary to apply other exercise forms that involve muscle building as these are the types that will help with major weight gain.

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Does Yoga Helps To Gain Weight For Underweight People?

While yoga is regularly used as a physiological option for obese individuals, there are a few very effective poses when it comes to putting on body weight as well. For instance, the corpse pose is highly regarded as one of the most effective methods of increasing the body’s ability to put on weight. Before getting into yoga and looking at this holistic method of treatment as being the only way to increase your weight, it is important to make sure that you identify the root cause of why you are underweight in the first place. While some people may be underweight simply because of hereditary, more serious factors such as the presence of some underlying medical complication or simply not eating adequate amounts of food could easily be the reason. Yoga can only be effective as long as there are no medical or lifestyle complications that are the root cause of the lack of body weight.

The shoulder stand is another very effective method of weight gain and can be performed by lying on the floor with your legs together and the palms facing the ground. When in this starting pose – lift your hips off the floor while inhaling simultaneously and then lift your legs to about 30 degrees, then 90 degrees and finally, 130 degrees. Hold the pose for 5 counts before returning to your original pose and starting all over again. Perform as many repetitions as you can for it to be effective. 

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Does Yoga+Gym Exercise Increase Weight? Plsss Help.?

There are a number of people who make a sincere effort to lose weight that they have gained over the years. People often undertake different forms of exercise or physical exertion to lose weight and they often have various queries about the methods that they have chosen to lose weight. “Does yoga + gym exercise increase weight?” is a question that is frequently asked by people who undertake these methods of weight loss. Increase of weight or loss of weight through any form of exercise is dependant on the kind of exercise schedule you have planned for yourself. A specific set of exercise will help you to lose weight, while another form of exercise will cause you to gain weight. Knowing exactly which exercises are for what, combined with a correct form of diet, is the best way to ensure that you lose weight, rather than put it on. Yoga, being a more relaxed form of exercise will help your body to relax, while visiting the gym will put a strain on the muscular system. However, the correct sets of exercises from both forms of exercise will help to lose weight that is not required on the body. A dietician’s advice should be sought so that one may only consume the foods that will provide nutrition to the body, while ensuring that minimal weight is gained through their consumption.

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How To Get Slim By Some Simple Yoga Or Exercises?

Simply speaking, weight loss occurs when the body burns more energy than the energy available from food that has been consumed. In such a situation, the body needs to access fat for energy production. Weight will be lost in this way. For an individual to slim down he or she needs to lose weight and also tone the body. Yoga works very well as an exercise form to tone the body. Yoga focuses on stretching and pushing the body in such a way that its efficiency improves. Therefore, one will find the body to be more flexible and healthier when one performs yoga.

One can use the simple sun salutation sequence in yoga to help slim down. Once an individual has achieved moderate proficiency in yoga, he or she may be able to speed up the rate at which sequences are performed. This will lead to extra energy being burned. At the same time, the toning effect of yoga will ensure that the shape of the muscles becomes more efficient. Rapid application of yoga poses is only possible when one has understood the poses to a certain extent so that damage caused by over stretching and over exertion does not occur.

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Yoga For Weight Gain

While most people are afraid of putting on excess weight, the other side of the spectrum – being extremely thin, poses its own set of medical complications. There are a number of causes of being underweight and it is important to look at the root cause in your case. Many people are under the misconception that yoga is practiced only to lose weight; however there are a number of yoga poses that could help you increase your body mass. The corpse pose, for instance is one that is highly touted to help increase body weight. This is also known to be one of the easiest to perform and can be performed anywhere and at any time. All one really needs to do is place him or herself in a supine position and breathe easily in a relaxed way. The shoulder stand is another very effective yoga workout for weight gain. This is performed by lying on the floor, with the legs together and the palms facing the floor. Once in this position, start to lift your hips from the floor while inhaling simultaneously. Your leg positions should be at an angle of 30 degrees, then 90 degrees and finally at about 130 degrees. Hold the final pose for about 5 counts before returning back to the original position and then repeating the posture a few times regularly every day. 

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Many people think that yoga only helps in weight-reduction. You will be surprised to find out that the power of yoga is equally effective for gaining body weight. Everyone wants to look good and attain the perfect figure. This ancient discipline offers numerous methods to stay fit.

Yoga is excellent for building your body stamina. It also significantly builds your appetite. It helps you to gain overall body weight in perfect harmony.  The best method to gain weight by yoga is to perform the specific weight gain exercises. In addition, there are many stretching exercises that increase your body flexibility at the same time.

Along with the weight gaining exercises, it is very important for you to maintain an optimum diet. Very often, slim individuals do not have a very big appetite and consume small portions of food. Yogic exercises will increase your hunger and thus, your body will be replenished with the energy required to do heavy exercises.


Yoga Asanas for Weight Increase

Pranayama and a few Yoga Asanas will perfect the body mechanism and give a boost to your appetite. Vajra Asana (Diamond pose) and Pavan Mukta Asana (Wind releasing pose) are the most important Asanas for those looking to gain weight.

Pavan Mukta Asana (Wind releasing pose): Pressure is exerted on the abdomen in this asana. The upper part of body is stretched. This helps in curing abdominal problems such as constipation, obesity, and indigestion; thereby, increasing your hunger.

Shavasana (Corpse pose): This asana is one of the simplest exercises to perform. It is considered to energize your body, making you fresh and active for the whole day.

Vajra Asana (Diamond pose): This asana helps you to build muscles. It is very easy to perform and can be practiced at any place. It is considered to be the most effective appetite booster.

Pranayama (Breathing exercises): The Pranayamas that give you a sound appetite include Bhastrika (the bellows), Kapalbhati (vigorous breathing), Anulomvilom (alternate nostril breathing), and Bhramri.


How Is Yoga Effective?

Yoga is a mechanism that affects all parts of your body. It gradually increases your body strength, energy, and flexibility. Furthermore, it also aids in the development of your physical stamina. Yoga works on the unnecessary body fat, whilst toning your muscles at the same time. There are many alternatives such as mass-gaining supplements available in the market. However, these products are not without side-effects. So it makes a lot more sense to choose a natural and holistic option that will not only help you gain weight but also ensure that you stay healthy and fit, like Yoga.

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