Deep Breathing Benefits For Weight Loss

Deep-breathing helps in weight loss since it increases oxygen intake to all body cells. This, in turn, increases oxidation and burning of fat cells. Another direct benefit deep breathing is that, when it is combined with Yogasanas, weight loss is made easier.

This is because together with burning off energy asanas also store energy that is ready to be burned instead of stored. Learning to breathe deeply can also be extremely beneficial when applied to Yoga.


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Oxygen intake is optimized, and the speed at which carbon dioxide leaves the body is slowed. This lets us exercise more efficiently, and not get "puffed" so easily.

There are many deep-breathing exercises in Yoga that are specifically designed for weight loss. However, these should be used with caution, because they can be effective in the short-term, but used as a long-term measure may disharmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of breathing techniques :

Increased metabolism

Some breathing techniques help stimulate sluggish or inactive glands, helping them increase their hormonal output and abet weight loss. The thyroid gland particularly, has a major effect on our metabolism. The fish pose is also one of the asanas that particularly act on the thyroid gland.

Yoga helps increase metabolism and weight loss, by stimulating the thyroid gland. Subsequently it increases the rate at which calories are burnt off.

Mobilization OF Fats in the body

Certain breathing techniques (including 'Bhastrika' and 'Suryabhedana') massage the abdomen and the fat stored around organs. This activates' the fat and makes it easier to burn off, abetting weight loss.

Increased strength

Our muscular strength and flexibility that comes from partaking in Yoga means that we gain more benefit from certain types of breathing exercises. We will be better able to participate in sports, our bodies won't feel as sore after a Yoga class or workout, and we will be able to achieve more while taking longer to tire out.

Deep Breathing For Weight Loss
Deep Breathing Weight Loss
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