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(January 30, 2009)

I was a stomach ulcer patient before 10 months I do breathing exercise everyday.I am planning to do abs exercise.Is it harmful for my stomach intestine?

You would need to check this with your doctor, as you have not mentioned how severe your problem was and what kind of treatment you have undergone for the same. So please go to your doctor and take his advice before starting any form of exercise. Neglecting to do so may cause internal damage and you might not even know about it unless it gets worse. So do not take a chance, it is important that you consult your doctor on this one. Yoga asanas or postures and pranayama work from deep within your body and they have a great impact on your internal organs and since you had a stomach ulcer only your doctor will be able to decide if you are completely healed from it and whether you can start any form of exercise that affects your stomach.

You can safely practice asanas or postures that relax your body such as Sukha asana or the easy posture and Shavasana or the corpse pose. Avoid any kind of asana or pose that puts pressure on your stomach unless you are fully healed from the stomach ulcer and your doctor says it is okay to do so. If your doctor allows you then you would need to look for a good qualified instructor who knows how to deal with stomach ulcers so he or she can design a special routine for you. This will help to target the problem area, which is your stomach, and you would be doing special asanas or poses and pranayama or breathing exercises that will heal your stomach ulcer and will also help to strengthen your internal organs. Dhyana or meditation is especially beneficial for you since your digestive system responds to your emotional state and Dhyana or meditation helps to calm you down naturally. When this happens the body sends positive signals to the brain that help to relax your entire body. Your digestive system responds to it and heals faster. The slow deep breathing also helps to increase the flow of oxygen and fresh blood to the affected area thus healing it and improving the overall condition.

You may also safely practice Anulom Vilom or the alternate nostril breathing as it known to have great benefits for the entire body. It helps to harmonize your breathing pattern that corrects the way you breathe and thus it solves most problems in your body.

Submitted by G M on January 30, 2009 at 01:08

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