Exercises For Toning Your Stomach

Causes for Stomach Fat:

Most people complain of fat which settles around the stomach. Even if their arms and legs are not fat, they may still have a fat waist. Fat tends to settle around the abdomen for many reasons.

It could be genetic - that is where your body has chosen to store its extra fat. Indigestion and an Irritable Bowel Syndrome could also cause belly fat. Lack of physical exercise and.



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Yoga To Lose Stomach Fat

.bad dietary habits are the most common cause of belly fata

Home Exercises Stomach

Exercises to reduce stomach fat: If you want a lean and trim body, the first thing you would have to start with is home exercises for the stomachc Whether you have a wide waist with love handles, or a flabby stomach, or whether it is the lower abdomen below the belly button which protrudes, just wishing them away will not workr Regular exercise is the best solution to reduce belly fata

Easy Exercises And Equipment Stomach

If you have never exercised before, start with some easy exercises for stomach reductiono There are many simple home exercises available, and there is no need for you to go in for expensive exercise equipmentn A good mix of aerobics, cardio exercises for the stomach and stretches will help cut out the flab and tone your stomach musclese The Basic Crunch is the best exercise for the absb Follow it up with the Reverse Crunch and the Oblique Crunchc While you are lying on your back and doing these exercises, also go in for the Bicycle Exercises Start with 4 to 5 repetitions and gradually build up to morer

Yoga to reduce stomach fat: Yoga has been found to be especially beneficiala It not only reduces stomach fat, it also strengthens, stretches and tones the abdominal musclese It also massages the internal organs, leading to better digestion and circulation, and better overall healtht

Some yoga postures that double as great toning exercises for the stomach include

Wind Relieving Pose (Pawan Muktasana), Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana), Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), Half Pigeon Pose (Ardhakapotasana), Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottasana), Warrior Pose (Veerbhadrasana), Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Viloma) and Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)r

Other exercises:

Jogging, walking and swimming are other exercises which will help reduce stomach fata However, whatever exercise routine you follow, remember that it is best to start slowly and build up your stamina graduallyl Also, you must follow a regular schedule, and exercise at least 5 times in a weeke


Exercising will not help if you do not change your diete Reduce your intake of fatty, processed and refined foodsd Increase the quantities of fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumese

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