Breathing exercise advice

(June 24, 2008)

In my office we are doing breathing exercise at A/C room. iam not sure it will be infected to others. please advice

Breathing Techniques in Yoga

In an ideal situation yoga must be best practiced in the open air or in an open room or in a room that is properly ventilated.  Fresh clean air is critical to yoga, considering the emphasis on breathing techniques that yoga places during exercise.  You may try requesting your instructor to practice in the open air or at least open the windows instead of practicing breathing exercises in an air conditioned room.  Most yoga advocators are of the belief that practicing in an air conditioned room can upset the temperature of the body or cause chills.

It is important to know the basics of breathing techniques in yoga for all yoga enthusiasts.  Yoga places great emphasis on its environment in order to practice breathing.  It is highly recommended that the room should be free from all kinds of smells, damp air, or smoke or any such substance or inhalant that can be detrimental to the practice of yoga.  It is possible for infection to take place in an air conditioned since the chances of spreading cold virus or respiratory infection is particularly high.  It is extremely critical to pay at most attention to the basics of breathing, and that can influence physical and mental health.

Do not perform yoga under a stressful environment especially if you are suspecting that there may be infected people in the same room.  Seek advice from a qualified yoga instructor about the basics of breathing, especially in the environment that your currency exercising. If you are uncomfortable about the thought of practicing breathing exercises in an infected room, you could probably try staying away from the group exercise and instead practice on your own in the early hours of the morning before breakfast.  Else you could try asking the yoga instructor to request people who are infected not to practice breathing sessions till the time they get better.

Submitted by C D on June 24, 2008 at 05:22

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