Visualization Technique

Create a picture of what you want to become by using your visual imagination. You can be more successful if the pictures are very clear and more convincing.

Visualization can be of 2 kinds

1) An outer visualization, like you are running pain free through a wood, a beach or wherever you wish.


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2) An inner visualization, that your torn muscles or ligaments are healing or that an infection is being defeated by White Blood Corpuscles.

Don’t be impatient and expect instant benefits and results. You have to practice 20 minutes a day for several months to reap the benefits. Sometimes they may come in an unexpected form. For example – you may find yourself gentler, less impatient and more tolerant or you may begin to understand your psychological problem or physical disability better. Don’t be discouraged if your progress seems a little slow.


This exercise can be carried out either by sitting or lying down. As usual keep the mind alert.

  • Allow the body to relax. As in meditation let your awareness sweep the body and let go of all the tensions.
  • Visualize a peaceful scene like a sandy beach. Concentrate on the blue-lit sky, the gentle waves and long sweep of sand on the shore.

  • Visualize the freedom with which the birds are gracefully soaring and sweeping above you.
  • Visualize yourself in light clothing running and dancing along the shore with grace and freedom. Notice that you are unrestricted and you can pain-freely leap and twist your body.
  • Now put your consciousness inside the body and feel the freedom from inside. Feel the water beneath your feet, the sun on your body and the warm air as you run through it, the ease with which you can bend and stretch your back.
  • Let this continue for as long as you wish.
  • Withdraw from your visualization, so that you are lying once more in your room and still feeling the freedom and joy of the movement in the body.
  • Then dissolve the visualization and absorb the scene within you, so that you can return to it whenever you want.
  • Let there be realization that healing is taking place, and let there be the feeling that the muscles and nerves of the back are relaxing. And healing will take place at the appropriate time.

For other physical and psychological problem also the same principles can be used. But remember that they are not an alternative to, qualified medical advice.

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