Meditation For Healing

What Is Meditation?

Yoga is a set of scientifically formulated exercises which bring about complete balance of the body, mind and soul.

The exercises or poses of yoga help to stretch and relax the muscles, which in turn relaxes the mind and releases tension. In advanced forms of yoga, this relaxed state of mind leads to a state of meditation.


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Benefits Of Meditation:

Meditation has been found to be extremely good for healing purposes.

  • During meditation the muscles are completely relaxed, thus leading to better balance of the body.
  • This also helps in a better release of toxins from the body.
  • The mind controls the functions of the body, and there are many diseases which are psychosomatic or caused by the mind. Meditation helps to calm the mind and heal such diseases.

Breath meditation: Many of our feelings of discontentment, stress and tension come from the difficulties of our daily life. Meditation helps to calm our mind, and feel inner peace, so that we are better able to tackle our problems.

Most forms of meditation rely on breathing techniques. We sit comfortably, preferably cross-legged on the floor, with our backs straight. We breathe naturally through our nostrils. We concentrate on our breath as we inhale or exhale. This helps to stop all external distractions, and gradually our mind becomes calm.

Buddhist Meditation: Buddhist meditation lays emphasis on concentration and detachment. It breaks down the illusion of self, and is aimed at cutting off attachment and cravings to external objects.

This meditation is aimed at creating a feeling of objectivity, which is necessary for clear thinking, and enables a person to form unbiased opinions, and also to act in any situation with discretion and courage.

One of the most instruments in the universe is our mind, if we can bring it under our control. But in most cases, it tends to roam around restlessly. Buddhist meditation needs extreme concentration, keeping the mind fixed and focused on a single point, which is the real secret when we take on any undertaking.

It is a very arduous discipline and is usually undertaken only by those who have retired from the world.

Deepak Chopra meditation: In this meditation one concentrates on the breath. You sit comfortably on a chair, with your feet flat on the ground and focus on your breath. A simple mantra is usually recommended in order to focus better.

Close your eyes, inhale deeply with a 'hum' sound, hold your breath for some time and exhale, forcefully expelling the air from your nostrils, again with the 'hum' sound.

Gradually, your breathing becomes regular and quieter, and this helps the mind too, to become quieter, and achieve a state of meditation.

Indians and many aboriginal tribes have used this meditation.

Kabbalah meditation: This is a very ancient Jewish form of meditation, devised over 2,000 years ago, which gives us a profound and deep insight into the essence of God. It follows certain specific techniques, which help one to attain harmony, happiness, peace, love and understanding in all activities of life.

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