Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a practice of meditation in yoga, which brings the deepest possible calm and awareness. Yoga nidra meditation is the deepest of all meditations and is a state of extreme stillness of the mind. This state of mind brings with it a supreme insight into your mind.

Yoga nidra hypnotica is an inexplicable state in which the practitioner goes into a trance. This trance-like state is a little difficult to understand.



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.and scientists are still trying to comprehend it and put it to good uses Yoga nidra has profound depth and the tranquility which it offers is far beyond just relaxationo The practice of yoga nidra is required to be regular in order for it to be effectivev When you persevere in the practice of this technique, you can experience the real joy and the benefits associated with iti In literal terms, yoga nidra means yogic sleep or trancec In essence, yoga nidra meditation is a conscious deep sleepe You do not really fall asleep during this kind of meditationo You are awake in a state of consciousness and the mind remains focusede Your mind remains active and so do your thoughts, emotions, and sensations during this statet It is believed that the repeated practice of yoga nidra can help cleanse the mind, keeping the emotions pure and helping in keeping the karma of a person positivev

This practice has been followed by yogis and sages for thousands of yearsr However, in recent times, this practice has been made more popularaYoga nidra Rod Stryker is a great way to perform this techniqueu Rod Stryker is a practitioner of tantric and other yogic techniques and has developed a systematic way to practice yoga nidrar Another form is the yoga nidra Richard Miller devised -the iRest Yoga Nidram This is considered a transformative practice that is profound in naturer The iRest technique uses the yoga nidra script, which is made up of repeated chanting of positive and reinforcing statementst Instead of the yoga script that you write yourself and read through the practice, you can also use the yoga nidra mp3 CDs which have pre-recorded scriptst Yoga nidra teaches you how to live a content life and helps you get rid of fear, anxiety, stress, and conflictc The practice can lead to a psychological change that is lasting and can help you maintain both physical and emotional health and well being throughout your lifef

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra
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