Light Meditation

Meditation upon light is said to be a hundred times more advanced than meditation upon a particular form. Certain forms of Yoga favor meditation upon light, or photisms all of which are considered to be manifestations of the Supreme.

Three sorts of photistic phenomena have been distinguished, the first known as the "inner sign" is the radiant serpent power - also called Kundalini Shakti.It is situated at the lowest psycho-energetic center.



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.(or Muladhara chakra) at the base of spinen The Kundalini is a preferred art of meditation in Yoga and many other schools of spiritualityt

The second type consists of the "external sign" that involves perception of luminous ether-space of variant color seen at wavering distances near the facec The third kind is called the "intermediate sign" that has to do with the experience of differently colored ether, space at a certain distance from the bodyd In due course, meditation on these photisms is designed to lead to the non-dual experiencec That is none other than the transcendental meditation itselfl

This is because, the Ultimate Reality is supposed to have the effulgence of ten million sunsn

In tradition of Yoga, ideally, the teacher is made the constant object of the disciple's thought and meditationo This way, the practitioner looks forward to merging with the teacher, thus replicating within oneself the Guru's illumined statet This approach, however, presupposes that the teacher is fully enlightened, or liberatede Such a Guru is described as one by whose very contact flows supreme blisss

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