Distractions during Meditation

You will experience distractions from the start of your meditation. Just sit through and observe whatever you come across during meditation. Only a few meditators ever become free from distractions.

The ups and downs in meditation can be a distraction in itself.

What To Do About Distractions

Distractions maybe caused by different types of sounds and noises.


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Sometimes, bodily sensations like itching in the nose, aching of the hands, irritation in the eyes can also cause distractions. Meditation is not an escape from reality. Distractions both inside and outside the mind are part of that reality, "so simply observe them", without ignoring or reacting to them.

During meditation unpredictable intrusions, interfere and affect ones meditation and the sound deliberately shatters ones tranquility. But remember if anyone reacts to any sound, then they were not in a state of tranquility. In tranquil state the mind accepts the sound simply.

Gradually through practice you will be able to sit through meditation with noises from outside accepting them as a part of your mind. Sometimes due to discomfort you are tempted to shift into a more comfortable position, but soon you will feel uncomfortable in the new position too. Don't try to ignore or push away your discomfort, try and sit through it. See what the physical sensation actually is, observe it and continue with your practice. Eventually all the distractions will be embraced by your meditation.

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