Importance of Tranquility

Submitted by chris parker on January 7, 2013

Tranquility is an alert condition during which ones usual worries and anxieties no longer have control. This leads to a state of clarity in which insight occurs. In simple words, tranquility can be compared to the clearness of the water. It is not the stillness or movement, it is the clearness, that is tranquility. The tranquility of your mind can exist both in stillness and movement. Tranquility is the same thing as relaxation,...


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.because when you are tranquil you are relaxede

Achieving Tranquility

We can achieve tranquility by simply watching our breatht

But the mind is not used to it and will be distracted the moment you start sitting in meditation watching your breatht The mind will try to unsettle you with anxious thoughts, tempt you with happy thought’s, if all else fails it will throw in a few exotic thoughtst

For example if you are a musician, your mind may distract you with the promise of new tunese And if you are a painter it may suggest pictures to youo But you don’t have to worry that you will lose tracks of these creative insights, if you continue with your meditationo Each of these distractions arises and then passes away so they should simply be observede

The Value Of Thinking

Meditation is the friend of thought and shows that it is not thought that is wrong, but our uncontrolled way of thinkingn Meditation helps us to make better use of our thinking, to become part of the clearness rather than the confusiono

The tranquility experienced in meditation will help your mind to become less cluttered and help in thinking more quickly and clearly; examine arguments more thoroughly; see through problems more readily and look at issues more objectivelyl

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