Traveling With Color

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on January 22, 2013

If you are good at visualizing color, then in order to keep your attention focused on the breath, as an alternative to counting you can use this exercise. Counting of seven numbers can be replaced with colors of the rainbow. As you enter meditation and breathe out your first breath visualize red color, orange color as you breathe your second breath and so on till violet. However for your eighth, ninth and tenth breath visualize...


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. a combination color formed by mixing 2 primary colorsr For example, red and green, blue with orange and so ono

The combination colors are hard to visualize and keep the mind alertr Avoid thinking name of the coloro

Later you can choose only one color for a whole meditation sessiono Each color will have some effect on our concentration and tranquilityt Color can affect both our thoughts and our moods and gain insight into what colors mean to each of us individuallyl And thereby extends our self -understandingn

To work in this manner, first let the chosen color be a background to the breathing, then concentrate on the breathingn Imagine that you are softly surrounded by the color and your breath is coming through a tunnel formed through iti If at any point your practice becomes disturbing, discontinue the visualization and return to your simple breathingn

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