Decorating A Yoga Room

Submitted by Matt Papa on December 21, 2012

A Yoga room should encourage spiritually for you, your guests and your family to spend a little while praying and meditating. You can either do this by placing the furniture in ways that encourage prayer and meditation or sitting by a fire. The lighting must be enough to read, not watch TV The room should also have good books or interesting artwork / pictures / statues.These help give a cultural backdrop to the room.


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Keeping things such as live plants or an aquarium will, definitely, raise the energy levels in the room.

Remember to color in the Yoga room must be in warmer tones. Such tones do evoke a comforting response.

If the Yoga room is tiny, the space arrangement is even more important. You should, therefore, strive for the illusion of space with use of mirrors or by arranging the furniture in such a manner that it doesn't shrink the room.

Lighting - natural as well as artificial -; is extremely important. The Yoga room ought to be lit with both, one for during the day and another for night. Lamps have turned into design statements these days. Select them to harmonize whatever design theme you have. Make sure to have adequate lighting for nighttime activities.

Artwork, statues, books all set off the room, beautifully. They provide color and a sparkling, vivacious setting. They also let you to give the room a friendly and pleasant feeling. Likewise, natural and other live elements not just provide fresh oxygen for the living room; they even help to use up toxic degassing from carpets. Further, they make the room look a lot more natural. So, by keeping a couple plants you will bring the outdoors inside and lend a healing aura to the room.

Finally, if your Yoga room is tiny, you may give the illusion of space by adding a large or full-size mirror to a wall. You also get mirrored panels, which make an excellent backsplash. Look for furniture, which is sized, suited for the room, even though your heart may be on a larger set. Ultimately, the bigger set just might overpower the room making it look cramped.

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