My eyes are very weak.I have too much of power had the checkup long back.I was advised to wear spectacles but I am not wearing.Kindly help me to correct my eyesight.

(November 17, 2011)

Yoga For Good Eyesight

Your eyes are extremely delicate organs that need a lot of attention. If you have been reading a lot, or working in front of the computer for long hours, it is possible that your eyes may get affected and you require glasses for correction of your vision. As you age, it is possible that the muscles around your eyes may become weak, and eventually the eyes lose their ability to focus at long distances. The weak muscles around the eyes could also cause stress around the eyes, finally leading to a lot of stress and anxiety.

When you relax the muscles around your eyes, you will find a drastic improvement in your ability to focus. Your vision will also get improved when the level of relaxation in the muscles around your eyes increases. Yoga can help you relax these muscles effectively. You can perform asanas and pranayama to relax your body and eventually, your muscles will be more relaxed.

Yoga also has some specific exercises for cleansing your eyes and strengthening the soft tissues around the eyes. To achieve peace and tranquility, you can also perform meditation in the morning. When you continue to meditate in this manner, you will see a lot of positive changes in your health.

Some of the most popular exercises to perform when you have eye problems are eyeball rotation, palming, and shifting of gaze to a pleasant sight located far from you. After you have performed the rolling eye routine, you can perform Savasana (Corpse Pose), which is a resting pose in yoga. In this pose you should lie down straight and lay motionless with your eyes closed. Think of relaxing thoughts and keep your posture completely relaxed. This is a pose in which you experience complete calmness. Eventually this would relax the eyes and make you feel much better.

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What Is The Best Diet One Should Eat To Keep The Eyesight Healthy

If you want to keep your eye sight healthy, there are some foods that can help you. The eyes have certain components that can be kept healthy with the proper nutrients. Egg yolks, for instance, are extremely healthy for your eye sight. Egg yolks contain an anti-oxidant known as lutein, which can help prevent macular degeneration as well as cataracts. Consuming eggs everyday can help you keep your eyes healthy. The lutein also soaks up the dangerous components of the sunlight so that they do not damage the retinas. The lutein contained in egg yolks is of a very high quality and therefore, can be processed by our bodies readily.

If you do not eat eggs, you can eat green leafy vegetables as these too have lutein in them, even if in smaller quantities. Another great food for keeping your eyes healthy is the Brazilian nut. These are rich sources of selenium, a dietary nutrient that can remove toxins that threaten to damage the lens and the retinas. Selenium also makes the macula healthy so that your eyesight can remain healthy for a long time.

Rich in antioxidants, blueberries are also extremely healthy for the eyes. Blueberries are loaded with lots of nutrients that can help regenerate the muscles around your eyes, keeping them healthy and supple. These muscles are important for the movement of the eyes. These also help keep your vision intact for a long time. Additionally, blueberries also contain a compound known as anthocyanin, which helps in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels that deliver blood to the eyes. This helps in keeping diabetic retinopathy at bay. Some of the other foods that contain this healthy nutrient include red cabbage, red grapes, cherries, beets, and pomegranate.

Another healthy nutrient for eyes is omega 3 fatty acids. This nutrient is present in fish oils, especially in salmon. Eating salmon regularly keeps your eyes healthy and prevents macular degeneration. However, while consuming fish, always beware of mercury poisoning.

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