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Submitted by Matt Papa on July 30, 2013

When you consider the topic of yoga clothes, you should understand that in India where yoga has originated, there is no concept of yoga shirts, pants or yoga clothing for that matter. It is sometimes thought by some sections of society that the Indian sadhus practiced yoga in the nude. However, this is not true, and the minimal clothing used in yoga is a loincloth that is worn around the private parts.


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Yoga Clothes Help Better Yoga

This is traditionally called the langot. Otherwise, Indian men usually wear dhotis, which is an unstitched cloth that is folded and wrapped around the waist. This usually reaches the ankles or knees depending on the length of it.

Women usually wear garments that are loose and flowing and which contain loose tops and pants. The men and women practicing yoga in urban India usually wear shorts and T-shirts or track pants.

When choosing yoga shirts and pants, there are some tips you can follow. Make sure that your yoga wear is comfortable and loose fitting. They should have a flow that is smooth enough to allow it to move with the postures of the body. It is also important that the yoga clothes are as natural as possible. An excellent choice is cotton, which can be used along with other fabrics to increase its strength. Cotton enables the body to breathe easily. Another good choice is cotton that is blended with hemp. You should avoid selecting yoga clothes that are bright in color. This can be quite distracting to your practice.

It does not matter whether your clothes are long or short. Most individuals feel quite comfortable performing yoga in their shorts, but there is no problem in wearing long pants, provided the movements of the body is not restricted. If you can, try to use prana yoga clothing. This kind of clothing is made from fabrics that are natural and are usually kept seamless. Due to the increase in popularity of yoga among men, you can find a variety of yoga shirts for men on the Internet. Men can wear T-shirts with necks that are loose fitting and short sleeves. Tank tops are another option. However, you should make sure that they are not very loose or there will be difficulty in the movements. Many yogis also use yoga tunics as they allow more free movements of the body and give an appearance of grace. You could check some yoga websites for various choices of yoga apparel and accessories that will help you in your practice.

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