Yoga Shorts for Men

Yoga clothing and kit: When you start a yoga program, it is best to get yourself some proper yoga clothing and yoga kit like a yoga mat. While most yoga mats have no gender specifications, and there is no such thing as men’s yoga mat, at least try to ensure that the mat is of adequate length and width for your needs.

Also ensure that it is thick and soft enough, and has anti-skid properties.

Mens Yoga Shorts


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Mens Yoga Shorts

Men's yoga shorts styles: There is a whole range of men's yoga clothes available in the market. Whether it is men's yoga shirts or men's yoga pants, you can take your pick from different colors, materials, and styles.

While the yoga shirts may be mostly similar (you can choose from loose or tight T-shirts, muscle tops or tank tops), men's yoga pants and shorts come in varying lengths. You need to first decide whether you would be more comfortable in pants or shorts. They come in varying leg lengths and cuts, from ankle length to high thigh. Shorts or ones that fall just below your knees will be cooler than full length ones. Men generally prefer slightly shorter shorts since they allow proper leg action.

Mens Bikram Yoga Shorts

Men's bikram yoga shorts are usually very short, and are useful since Bikram yoga is performed in very hot and humid rooms. That is why these are also sometimes referred to as men's hot yoga shorts.

You could select between a wide elastic waistband or drawstrings. Pillar drawstring shorts are usually the most popular ones, because they are roomier, and the strings can be adjusted to comfort.

However, make sure that the strings are not too thin, since they often get entangled into a knot.

Some men prefer to buy yoga shorts with a center front panel or a 'bathing suit' liner inside, made up of an additional layer of moisture-absorbing material. This offers additional manly coverage and support, when performing yoga exercises, which requires stretching and bending. They may also do away with the need to wear an additional underwear.

One of the most popular styles in yoga shorts for men is the one with wide cotton cuffs and an elastic waistband. Their design allows them to remain close to the skin, while at the same time they are sufficiently loose to feel the body movements.


The best material for men's yoga shorts would be something which is soft and absorbent, and yet retains its shape. Cotton is cool and airy, but tends to get crumpled easily. Nylon may not be sweat absorbent. A blend of cotton or nylon with lycra would be more suitable.

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