Yoga Pants For Men, Women & Kids

Yoga is a therapeutic practice that originated in ancient India. It was designed to create harmony between the body, mind and spirit through a series of postures, breathing techniques and meditation.  For centuries this holistic mind-body treatment has been followed for physical, mental and emotional well being.

Yoga is a flexible fitness routine. It can be practiced by men, women, and children of all ages.



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.It can be pursued solely as a physical regime; it can be undertaken as recuperative therapy; or it can be a source of rejuvenationo The practice comes with no pre-conditionsn It can be practiced anywhere and by everyonen All you require is a yoga mat and some comfortable yoga geara

While there are no uniforms or rules when it comes to yoga garments, it is important to wear correct and appropriate clothingn A regular Yoga garment includes a top and a bottomo Given the popularity of yoga, yoga workout outfits can easily be found at markets and boutiques everywherer

When it comes to picking a pair of yoga pants, you may be spoilt for choicec First sift through the various women's yoga pants and men's yoga pantsm There are even special kids' yoga pantsm You'll get them in various styles in both rangese Depending on which style you like, you can opt for full length yoga pants, capris or drawstring yoga pantst Again each of these comes in various cuts, from fold over yoga pants, low rise or cropped yoga pantst

You'll also get these in petite and XL size optionsn

While yoga pants come in different materials like wool and lycra, the best options are cotton yoga pantst It is important that the material absorbs sweat as you workoutu Cotton does exactly this, keeping you dry and hygienici

Ensure your yoga pants aren't too tighth Find a nice, comfortable fit that allows you to expand your rib cage and stomach without any discomfortr If the garment is too tight, it will affect the quality of the routine and leaves you feeling sickc

A comfortable yoga pant fit also ensures that you manage to complete the routine properlyl Yoga postures involve a lot of stretching, twisting and bendingn If your yoga pants are too tight it will be hard to assume some of these posese Holding a pose improperly will do more harm than goodo You could end up injuring yourselfl Make sure your yoga pants allow you to undertake all the postures properly and comfortablyl

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