Exercising Outside During Winter

Submitted by Allan on July 24, 2013

Exercising indoors can be really boring, especially when you do not feel like walking on the treadmill or going on a power walk indoors. However, when the temperatures take a dip, it can be disconcerting even for the most motivated fitness enthusiasts. Still, if you are one of those who really love their outdoor workouts, there are ways in which you can continue working out even during winters.


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How to Keep Motivated

Make sure that you do not pack away your exercising gear with your summer clothes as soon as the temperatures begin dropping. Motivation can be slightly difficult when you see everything freezing outside, but preparation is key here. If you plan your exercises properly, you can start with an extended warm up session.

This will help you prepare for a rewarding workout and will keep you motivated to come back and exercise again the next day.

Some of the other simpler ideas to help you through cold weather exercising include dressing up in light layers. If you keep yourself too warm to start with, you will eventually get warmer and will not want to exercise anymore. Keep yourself in layers that can be easily removed as your workout gets more intense. During an especially dark winter, you may want to plan your activities much in advance, especially if you want to involve kids or seniors in the workout. It may also be a good idea for pregnant women to consult a doctor if they want to exercise in lower temperatures during their pregnancy.

Taking care of your nutrition is also important as you will need some extra calories to keep your body warm in the colder weather. Proper and planned nutrition will help you ensure good health and stamina for your planned workout.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Keeping yourself safe is very important during the cooler weathers. Here are some simple tips to help you have a safe workout during the winters:

  • Protect the vulnerable areas of your body, especially your hands, feet and ears. Wear woolen gloves, woolen socks, shoes and earmuffs to protect these parts of your body.
  • Choose proper gear for your workout. Having the proper exercising gear during your workouts can really help you have a productive workout session. If it is too cold, you may consider wearing a face mask or a scarf to protect yourself from the chill. Women and men may wear thermal pants and thermal innerwear too.
  • Dress in easy to remove layers. When you begin your workout, you will feel warmer and it should be easy for you to remove your clothes as the heat increases.
  • Perform more warm-up exercises than usual. This will help your body get warm and will prepare you for the main workout. This will also help you feel more comfortable during your entire workout session.

Benefits of Working Out in the Winters

The benefits of working out in the winters are not very different from that of working out during any other time of the year. However, when you continue working out in the winters, you can maintain the continuity of your workouts. This is especially beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight or those who find it difficult to motivate themselves to start exercising again after taking a break.

You can use the winter time to start new exercises. For instance, if you have been concentrating on cardiovascular exercises, this would be the perfect time to add some yoga or Pilates to your regimen. This makes your workout more vibrant and diverse. You can also take part in some winter sports such as snow-boarding and skiing as these are perfect for both working out and having fun in the winters.

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