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When you do the Headstand (Sirshasana), it is said that around 90% of your weight moves through your shoulders, 10% through your palms, and none through your head or neck. This is due to the fact that your head and neck bear no weight.

The headstander will help if the Headstand (Sirshasana) gives you neck or head pain. Headstanders are very good tools because they place your hands at floor level, in a real Headstand position.


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The shoulder pads of the headstander’s force your shoulder muscles and shoulder blades down towards your hips. The subsequent pressure helps release chronic tension from the muscles of your neck, shoulders and skull, and can relieve headaches that are caused by shoulder and neck spasms. For those who need help balancing, place the headstander may be placed where your feet can rest against a wall when you're inverted.

With the Headstander, you can even practice a number of Headstand (Sirshasana) variations.  Headstanders are designed to fit everyone since they consists of two separate supports; you place them at the proper width for your shoulders. Ideally, you should try and place them as close to your neck as possible.

However, don’t squish your ears. The Headstanders soft, firm upholstery will support your shoulders comfortably.

Headstanders are crafted from solid mahogany, are finely sanded and finished with a natural plant-based protective polish. A Headstander Usage Guide, normally included in the package, clearly explains how to place and use it, learn to balance, and practice variations.

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