Best Socks while Performing Walking Exercise

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

Socks form a major part component when it comes to our footwear and taking care of our feet. With the advance in technology, socks are now manufactured according to the activity the individual needs it for. This means that there are socks that are meant specifically for athletics while there are others that are meant strictly for walking.


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Walking socks are made out of soft cotton to prevent the chaffing of impact points. This also helps to prevent shoe bites and calluses. Walking socks also have dense padding on common pressure points to cushion the foot and protect it.

When looking for a pair of walking socks, ensure that the heel and ball of the foot areas are sufficiently thick and it is preferable that the instep area is also well padded as this will support your instep while walking.

Walking socks that are double layered are beneficial as the sock layers move against each other as opposed to your foot which reduces friction thereby preventing blisters. Make sure your walking socks are made of wicking fabrics as they are designed to lift the sweat away from the skin as compared to cotton socks. Besides walking socks are also designed in a way to prevent blisters from occurring especially when using a new pair of shoes.

Running socks are basically socks used especially for running. Such socks are particularly designed to meet the physical demands of running. Choosing the right running socks depends on the type of running you do. For example if your are running on trails then you will need a long lasting and thicker sock or if you do sprint running then a more light weight sock is needed. Your foot type and the material also play a very important role. Different socks are available for feet that have high and low arches. And most of all the material must have moisture wicking capabilities to avoid blisters.

Diabetes increases the risk of foot ulcers which are controlled by diabetic socks as they manage the moisture and reduce the risk of infection. They also have non binding tops which are less tight thus improving the blood flow. You need to choose diabetic socks only after consulting your podiatrist as the proper sock depends on the patient's condition. Diabetic socks are available in different styles and colours though if you have sores or open wounds its better to buy light coloured or white socks.

Using the right golf socks can make or break a golfer's career. It adds style and sparkle to a golfer's conventional attire. The first thing to keep in mind is that they should fit you well and should be appropriate for golfing as well as the amount of activity you are going to do. Also make sure they match your personality and fashion style. For women, golf socks made of cotton can be chosen as cotton breathes however for men extra absorbent socks need to be chosen as their feet sweat more than women. Lastly keep in mind that your golf socks compliment your golf shoes.

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