Breath Meditation

What is Breath Meditation?

Breath meditation is the traditional Yoga style of meditation.

Its main function is to strengthen mind concentration, ground oneself, and stimulate compassion. To awaken oneself one’s true nature is to become fully conscious and to develop the intellect.


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Breath meditation is perhaps the most beneficial to the mind, because when you deal with the breath, you are dealing not only with the incoming and outgoing air of the lungs, you are also dealing with the feelings of energy that surge throughout your body with each breath. If you sensitize yourself to your feelings, and allow them to flow unimpeded and effortlessly, you will be able to function better, and give your mind a handle to deal with all sorts of trials and tribulations.

Techniques of Breath Meditation

  • Sit in a comfortable position, with your spine erect, shoulders down and back, your body relaxed, your breath fluid and easy.
  • Just focus on your breath as it flows in and out of your system. Release all other thoughts.
  • Notice the sensation of your breath, as it moves across your skin just below your nostrils, and above your upper lip.
  • Feel the sensations as you inhale and exhale. Don't make any attempts to alter your breath. Just notice it the way it is.
  • If you feel your mind wandering, honor yourself for knowing this and be aware that your mind has gone astray then bring it back to your breath.
  • Do this again and again as your mind wanders.

    Gently guide it back to your breath, without any judgment. Be sympathetic to yourself.
  • The continued practise of this kind of meditation will, over time, take you to a state of bliss and truth

Benefits of Breath Meditation

If you continue practising patiently this way, gradually your thought flow will subside and you will begin to experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation. Your mind will become clearer and more spacious and you will feel more and more refreshed.

When the incessant flow of your distracting thoughts is calmed through breath meditation, your mind will become extraordinarily calm and clear.

Although breath meditation is just a preliminary stage of meditation, it is still very powerful. From this practice you will come to experience inner peace and contentment just by controlling your mind. Best part is that it is done without having to depend upon external conditions at all.

When the turbulence of your mind subsides and it will automatically become still, a deep happiness and contentment will arise from deep within. This feeling of contentment and well-being will help you cope with the trials and tribulations of daily life more easily and effectively.

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