Techniques for Dynamic Meditation

What is Dynamic Meditation?

Even though the word meditation is normally associated with the body in a static, "meditative" pose, the dynamic types of meditation, used nowadays, are also quite popular.

Sri Aurobindo, it is said, used to meditate while walking, while Master Osho, earlier called Bhagwan Rajneesh, introduced his meditation techniques that he named Active Meditations that start.



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What is special about Buddhist meditation?

.with a stage of activity - oftentimes vigorous and physical- followed by periods of silencec Osho insisted that meditation is not concentrationo

Techniques of Dynamic meditation

Dynamic meditation calls for a conscious cleansing where you are able to get rid of all repressions, express what you cannot easily articulate in society then easily retreat into silencec Some of the techniques involve spontaneous dancese

Another form of dynamic meditation involves the use of the hands and arms during sitting meditationo This type of meditation also uses walking as a complementary techniqueu This teaching is aimed at cultivating awareness of movements of your arms that are moved continuously in a particular pattern throughout meditationo

However, the awareness is, not limited to your arms alone, but includes your whole life experiencec This type of dynamic meditation is a sort of Vipassana meditationo It is prevalent in many parts of the Eastern world, and is now fast becoming popular in the West, as welll

Tai Chi Chuan is often thought of as dynamic meditationo A common phrase is "movement in stillness", a reference to the lively movements of passive Qigong and Taoist meditationo The converse is "stillness in movement", a state of mind calm and meditation in the Tai Chi formr

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