Sahaja Yoga Meditation

(July 4, 2010)

What is Sahaja Yoga meditation?

Sahaja yoga is a religious movement which was founded by Nirmala Srivastava. She is famously known as the Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Sahaja yoga claims that it is a method of meditation which brings about a breakthrough in the evolution of human awareness. The practitioners of Sahaja yoga claim that this process of meditation makes one moral, more untied, integrated and more balanced. Some people claim that when they tried Sahaja yoga for the first time they experienced cool breeze on their hands and on top of their heads. Others claim that they have felt a deep physical relaxation.
Sahaja is a Sanskrit word which means natural, simple or innate. The organization believes that it has re-discovered ancient knowledge. The term Sahaja yoga goes back to the times of Indian mystic Kabir, who used the word to refer it to Surat Shabd yoga. Osho once described Sahaja yoga to be the most difficult form of yoga. Sahaja yoga is claimed to be the next step towards collective evolution. One can achieve inner awakening or enlightenment through Sahaja yoga.  
Sahaja yoga had been prophesized a long time ago in the world’s ancient religions and spiritual traditions. Through the practice of Sahaja yoga one can easily see the dimensions of absolute truth. When we truly understand the nature of our being, our spiritual ascent takes place effortlessly. Physical, metal and emotional balance is achieved as a by-product of the growth in our entire spiritual being on the whole. We discover that there is a very pure and undisturbed state within ourselves that needs to be reached.
The spirit is true source of knowledge, peace and joy. Sahaja yoga simply helps improve the quality of a person’s life. Meditation means that the mind is in a profoundly deep state of silence and yet is completely alert at the same time. Sahaja yoga also consists of simple meditation practices. It helps us become more balanced and much more at ease. People who meditate regularly remain healthy internally as well as externally. They seem to have a radiance of calm being.  
One can understand about this type of meditation if you decide to learn about it. The followers of the Sahaja yoga believe that it is the birth right of every human being to achieve inner peace. You can always subscribe to the Sahaja yoga magazines and newsletters to gather as much as possible information about it.

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