What Is Thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy was popularized in 19th century France among the many spas present there. The word Thalassotherapy is derived from the Greek word 'thalassa', meaning sea.

Thalassotherapy is the use of the healing powers of sea water to provide treatment and relief from many ailments.

How Does Thalassotherapy Work?


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How Does Thalassotherapy Work?

The chemical composition of blood is similar to that of sea water. When the body is immersed in warm sea water enriched with minerals, they are directly absorbed by the skin. These minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium sulfates are beneficial for the body. Immersion in sea water heated to body temperature also increases the blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the pores of the skin.

Although immersion in heated pools of sea water is the most popular form of Thalassotherapy, there are many other methods in which Thalassotherapy is administered. These include mud baths, sea weed, mud or algae wraps, hydro-massage with pressurized jets of sea water, and underwater showers. For those who do not have access to a spa with a sea water pool, a wrap composed of sea weed, algae or mud is highly recommended. The wrap is applied on the body for a couple of hours and has the same beneficial effects as being immersed in a pool of sea water.

What Are The Benefits Of Thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy works wonders for the blood circulation and in firming the skin.

It also relieves stress and tiredness and is a very relaxing form of therapy. Thalassotherapy is a natural defense again ageing and will help to reduce wrinkles and make your skin look younger and firmer. It is also an excellent method of getting rid of cellulite.

Thalassotherapy can be used in treating skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Regular treatment can also aid weight loss by boosting the metabolism. Certain forms of Thalassotherapy also provide relief from aches and pains in the joints and the back and are especially recommended for the elderly. Precautions.

Your therapist should always be informed of any pre-existing medical condition prior to starting a session of Thalassotherapy. Pregnant women should also inform their therapists so that any methods of treatment unsuited to pregnancy can be avoided.

Although sea water is great for the skin, it is not the best thing for hair. It is a good idea to put some leave-in conditioner on your hair prior to a session of Thalassotherapy so that your hair does not become tangled and matted.

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