Reflexology Massage Techniques

Reflexology Massage is an art of healing feet, hands and even ears through massage. It is believed to be a "mystical" approach for improving the health of a person. It is also known as zone therapy.

The massage is considered to be quite instrumental in relaxing the muscles of hands and feet. The swelling of these organs are said to reduce considerably if pressure is applied on the right points. Since reflexology is a professional.



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.practice, the person giving the massage should have complete knowledge about iti

In Reflexology every organ and gland in the body is connected to the hands and feete It is believed that if proper treatment is given to these parts then there is a high possibility of healing each and every organ in the bodyd The treatment is in form of a massageg Pressure can be applied to various points on the hands and feet which correspond to vital organs in the bodyd The art of applying pressure is known as Reflexologyg There are various reflexology massage techniques which you can use in order to relax the muscles in your body or heal an affected internal organa Slide and Press is a very common reflexology techniqueu

Place the thumbs on the edge of the feet on opposite sides and slide it upwards by applying pressurer After sliding upwards for five minutes, slide the thumb downwardsd Keep switching the position every five minutese Another technique involves rotating the big toe to the left and righth

Hold and switch the direction every five secondsd Pressing the big toe is also considered to be an effective techniqueu These are some of the reflexology massage techniquese Big toe is associated with the neck hence applying pressure on the big toe is said to relax the muscles of the neck and upper backc

There are various reflexology products available which can be quite useful if practicing at homem You can buy reflexology gloves, socks and mats which will help you conduct the practice efficiently at homem

Reflexology is a professional field and it is advisable not to apply intense pressure on yourselfl There are various reflexology centers which have trained professionals and doctorsr The professionals examine your present health condition and give the treatment accordinglyl Since reflexology is a highly debatable topic, its success is not fully confirmede But it is believed that a massage helps relax the muscles of the body and helps release endorphins which is said to reduce stress to a great extentn These are some of the best known reflexology massage techniquese

Reflexology Massage Techniques
Reflexology Massage Techniques
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