Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu massage is a kind of massage treatment that has its origin among Buddhist monks. It is also referred to as barefoot shiatsu. Individuals are required to remove their clothing.

The therapist takes the support of two wooden planks on the roof. They hold the plank and massage the various parts of the spine and back with their feet. It involves no painful procedures and is considered safe and effective for neck and lower back pain.


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The principle of this massage is the 'push, pull, pumping' effect, produced by the feet with a gliding, smooth and flowing effect. This results in compression of the soft tissues of the joints. It is not performed on a mat, but on a specially designed table.

The discomfort associated with the spinal nerve is relieved, thereby curing the pain and inflammation. Ashiatsu massage is a blend of techniques from India and Japan. Ashi means 'foot' and atsu means 'pressure', thereby indicating the pressure created by the feet during massage. It increases athletic endurance and improves the performance levels. The anxiety and respiratory rates are decreased. The alertness levels are increased and stress levels reduced. There is a significant improvement in the immunity levels, due to increased white blood cells. Flexibility of the joints improves. It also helps to heal wounds, caused by work or sports. The energy levels of individuals increase and thereby result in overall well being.

The posture of the individual also improves.

Apply long and gentle strokes with little pressure. It also uses the fingers, knees, palms and elbows, if necessary. It helps in bringing about mental, spiritual, physical and emotional awareness. The gentle strokes leave a deep feeling in the individuals with tight calf muscles or with tight hamstrings. The pressure is uniformly distributed at the posterior and anterior end. The foot encompasses a larger area, thereby resulting in more pressure. This results in greater pressure with reduced injury to the individual or client.

Ashiatsu massage is as light as the Swedish massage, though considered deep enough. It leaves no after effects or residual soreness and is considered relaxing. It breaks the monotony of a hand massage and proves beneficial for neck pain. A larger area is triggered, which contributes to increased blood flow to all the parts. Ashiatsu massage therapy is a famous technique and is beneficial to the overall health of the individual.

Ashiatsu Massage
Ashiatsu Massage
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