Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft body tissues, originally done by hand but given time instruments have been designed to help in that purpose.

We could say that it is a mixture between art and science; you have the skilled hands of the therapist applying his physiological knowledge to reach the desired parts of the muscle he/she is treating.



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Varieties of Massage Techniques

Massage Therapy Techniques

There are many different kinds of massage therapy techniques. Most massage therapists apply a combination of techniques but others; the purists, just stick to a determined massage therapy technique. Massage is applied at different levels. There is a shallow massage, with soft movements on the surface and a gentle touch and there is a deeper massage that applies more pressure so as to reach deeper levels of the muscle mass. These last ones might be a bit painful or uncomfortable at the first moment, but provide a better sensation and relief after all.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are several benefits of massage therapies, the most recognized ones are that these help to relax the muscles, stimulate the nerves, improve blood flow and induce to a mental state of relaxation. There is no scientific proof that can exactly determine how massage therapy works, but there is empiric evidence of the benefits in the overall health of those whose regularly attend massage sessions.

Theories on Why Massage Therapy Works

There are different explanations or theories about how or why massage therapy works.

Some people claim that massage dissolves calcium deposits on the muscles, but there is no objective confirmation of this so far. Another explanation is that massage therapy boosts overall health, as it provides mental relaxation and reduces stress. And there is a demonstrated fact that stress really has a harmful impact on our physical and mental health.

Case studies have shown that severely sick babies improved their health much more when they were receiving soft massage from their mothers than those who did not.

Common Uses of Massage Therapy

The most common uses of massage therapy are to help with muscle tension, reduce stress by promoting relaxation, lower back pain and headaches. Professional athletes generally have their own massage therapist who applies this therapy before work out or after a demanding sport or athletic session. Other conditions use this technique as a complementary treatment, just to name a few we could mention bulimia, cystic fibrosis, asthma, autism, diabetes, eczema, and even infant depression.

Head Massage Techniques - How to do head massage?

Massage techniques are widely used as a method of relaxation as well as a healing routine for a number of ailments. Foot massage techniques concentrate on improving blood circulation and on applying the right amount of pressure on pressure points present in the feet to benefit various parts of the body. Applying steady pressure with the thumbs, kneading the soles of the feet with the fist, rotating the toes and holding the feet firmly with cupped hands are all significant aspects of a foot massage. Head massage techniques include gently massaging the scalp, in a circular motion, with the fingertips with a certain amount of pressure. This not only helps in relieving headaches but also promotes the growth of hair.

Will breast massage will help to improve my breast size?

Breast massage techniques are known to be a natural way of enhancing breast size. The circular kneading motion of the massage is known to improve blood circulation to the breasts while toning the breasts, making them firm and shapely. Massaging the breasts help in the regeneration of healthy tissue, leading to fuller breasts with a more defined cleavage. Sensual massage techniques for the breasts not only help in stimulation and foreplay but also help in preventing breast cancer. A tantric massage is known for its ability to awaken a very powerful form of energy that helps in healing throughout the body. In addition, it also causes a surge in sexual energy.

What are lymphatic massage therapy benefits?

Lymphatic massage therapy focuses on the flow of lymph through a very light form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage techniques are based on rhythmic movements that concentrate on just touching the skin rather than focusing on the application of pressure. The lymphatic massage benefits are not observed immediately but over a period of two to three sessions. A lymphatic massage therapy proves to be beneficial in boosting the immune system and enhancing metabolism. It helps in preventing the buildup of fluids in the body as well as curbs cellulite deposits. It also aids the removal of toxins and waste matter from the body.

Which facial exercises are helpful for glowing skin using accupressure?

The human body has a number of healing points located at different places including the face. Acupressure involves the application of pressure to these points thus resulting in a non-invasive method of natural healing. Reflexology facial massage helps in releasing the body’s energy while concentrating on stimulating nerve points connected to various organs. Acupressure facial massages help in bringing about relaxation and stress relief. Acupressure facial exercises further help in improving the complexion. These exercises help in toning the facial muscles and help in preventing the formation of eye bags as well as wrinkles. The massages and exercises promote blood circulation as well as lymph flow, leaving skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Hand Massage Techniques - How to do hand massage?

Massage techniques help in relaxing the body and relieving stress while improving blood circulation. Foot massage techniques include the application of pressure on various pressure points situated on the soles of the feet. Rotation of the toes and the ankles, kneading the soles of the feet with a closed fist and holding the feet firmly in cupped hands are highly beneficial in bringing about a general feeling of wellbeing. Hand massage techniques concentrate on applying pressure on the fingertips, in between the fingers and on the centre of the palms along with the rotation of the fingers and the wrists. Back massage techniques generally begin along the spine and are highly beneficial in dealing with strained muscles and fatigue.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
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