What is Colorpuncture?

Colorpuncture is a revolutionary form of alternative therapy that blends the beneficial effects of color therapy with acupuncture techniques. Colorpuncture utilizes colored light focused on acupuncture points to energize and heal the body.

This relatively new form of alternative therapy has rapidly become extremely popular all over the world, especially in Europe. Its therapeutic effects are now being recognized in the United States as well.


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How does Colorpuncture work?

The cells of our body use light as a medium of communication. When this communication slows down it retards the functioning of the associated body parts. Colorpuncture stimulates the communication between cells by focusing light energy of different colors to stimulate the cells of the body into working efficiently.

Light is a form of energy. Different wavelengths of light are distinguished as different colors by the human eye. A Colorpuncture therapist uses a tool that focuses different wavelengths of colored light on various acupuncture points of the body. The colorpuncture treatment is administered to a set of such points in a prescribed sequence and by using a predetermined system of colors. The sequence of treatment and the choice of colors depend on the ailment that afflicts the patient and on the goals of the therapy. This light is absorbed by the patient’s skin and transmitted to the various cells of the body.

It stimulates communication between the cells and thereby promotes healing and restoration of optimum functioning of the affected parts.

What are the benefits of Colorpuncture?

Colorpuncture is a non-invasive and pain-free form of therapy with no apparent contraindications or side effects. It not helps to heal and improve the functioning of the body, but can also help to release repressed emotional traumas. Thus, Colorpuncture is truly a holistic healing art as it not only heals the body but also the mind. Feedback from patients shows that not only are their physical ailments alleviated, but their emotional outlook on life also become more positive.

Colorpuncture can safely be sued on infants, young children, pregnant women and the elderly. Another advantage of Colorpuncture is that the patient can continue the treatment at home. This makes it a cost-effective form of treatment and ensures that the benefits continue to be reaped long after the sessions with a therapist are over. Colorpuncture not only helps to cure ailments but is also an excellent from of preventive therapy as it helps to clear any energy blockages before they have a chance to seriously impact the body.

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