Hot Oil Massage for Hair and Body

A hot oil massage is the perfect way to unwind when your body becomes burdened with stress and exhaustion. In addition to easing tiredness of the body, a hot oil massage for the hair is also beneficial as it helps to maintain good texture of the hair.

When the scalp is massaged with hot oil, blood circulation improves in the areas of the head and neck. The scalp is relaxed and the roots of.



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.the hair are also strengthenede Due to the nourishment of the hair roots and shaft, the new hair that grows will be strong and healthyh Hot oil massages are especially helpful for hair that tends to become tangled and unmanageablel Regular oil massages will make the hair soft and lustrousu Massage therapy also works in treating damaged or dry hairi Scalp conditions such as scalp psoriasis, dead skin flakes and dandruff can be prevented by oiling the hair regularlyl Hot oil massages also slow down the graying of hairi A hot oil massage is more like a mineral oil massage since the oil contains many important minerals and proteins which are nourishing for the hairi One can also give a hot oil massage to individuals that suffer from sleep problems such as insomniai This will help to induce good, healthy sleepe Hot oil massages may be done at home itself by massaging the scalp with oil for a minimum of ten minutese

Massage the scalp by performing circular motions on the scalp using your fingertipsp

Hot oil massages performed on the body helps to improve relaxation and also boosts energyg The muscles and nerves can be soothed with just ten minutes of massage dailyl Those affected with arthritis are also likely to benefit from hot oil massagese Certain combinations of essential oils when used in appropriate amounts are known to alleviate joint pain arising due to arthritisi Headaches, back pain, rheumatic pain and muscular aches may also be eased through massage therapyp Hot stone therapy may also be incorporated into the massage routinen In order to perform a hot stone massage with oil, the stones must first be seasoned and then heated in hot watere Once they become warm, they are dried and the placed on the bodyd It is advisable to consult a trained specialist to learn how to give a hot oil massage using hot stonese This will ensure that you are performing the therapy in the right manner so as to obtain the maximum benefit

Hot Oil Massage
Hot Oil Massage
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