Integrative Manual Therapy

The human body has been blessed with the inherent ability to heal itself. Years of unhealthy living lead to blockages at the cellular level that interfere with and degrade the body’s natural healing power.

When the body’s ability to heal is compromised, it becomes susceptible to a wide variety of disease and ailments. Integrative Manual Therapy is unique form of therapy that allows these blockages.



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.to be released and the body to be restored to its normal healthy statet This unique form of therapy has been in existence since the 1970’s and is rapidly gaining in popularity all over the worldl

How does Integrative Manual Therapy workr

Integrative Manual Therapy is so called because unlike modern day medicine, it seeks to treat the whole body instead of focusing on a specific symptomo In doing so it manages to take the effects of treatment to the cellular level, thereby not only curing the body of any ailments but leaving it in a far healthier condition than beforer This form of therapy primarily addresses the musculoskeletal system and uses a combination of structural and functional rehabilitation techniques to affect a curer By using these techniques, Integrative Manual Therapy stimulates the body’s natural immunity and powers of recuperation and assists them in bringing the body back to a healthy statet

A typical session of Integrative Manual Therapy can last for an hour or morer

At the start of the session, the therapist will examine your medical history and ask you what you expect from the treatmentn You may also be asked to perform some simple movements such as sitting, standing and bending so that the therapist can assess your range of motiono Finally you will be asked to lie down fully clothed on a tablel The therapist then uses various Integrative Manual Therapy diagnostic techniques to further assess the condition of your body and determine the areas of blockagese This is a long process and your first session may only consist of this diagnostic processs

Once the diagnosis is made, the therapist start treatment by using a series of structural and functional rehabilitation techniques that are unique to Integrative Manual Therapyp These techniques comprise of a number of gentle, non-invasive strokes that are designed to free any blockages and stimulate the healing processs As a part of the functional technique, you may be taught certain postures and exercises that will help to promote flexibility and healingn

Integrative Manual Therapy
Integrative Manual Therapy
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