What is Attunement?

Attunement is not only a form of healing therapy but also a holistic way of life. Attunement teaches various techniques by which one can enhance well being, health, and let go of all the bitterness and excess baggage of the past.

It allows the mind, body and spirit to exist in a state of harmony. The practice of Attunement involves commitment to daily spiritual practice, self care and integrity in one’s interaction with others.


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Those who are not yet ready to embrace the philosophy of attunement can also benefit from the healing power of attunement.

How does attunement heal?

The life energy of the universe encompasses all living things including human beings. The flow of this energy is governed by the endocrine and nervous system. Stress can hinder the smooth functioning of these systems and lead to various ailments and disorders. Attunement seeks to re-balance these systems and restore harmony to the life energy force of our bodies. Attunement not only benefits the endocrine and the nervous system, but is also beneficial for the entire body.

An attunement practitioner holds his or her hands over specific areas of the patient’s body. This allows the attunement current to activate the flow of life energy from the spiritual to the physical. The flow of life energy balances any disturbances and returns the body to a harmonious state.

Attunement does not seek to cure the symptoms of a particular disease.

Instead it seeks to heal ailments by restoring the entire body to a state of harmony. In this manner, attunement heals physical and mental ailments and brings in happiness and energy to replace suffering. The attunement practitioner is simply a knowledgeable facilitator who allows the inherent healing spirit of nature to restore the patient’s body to a harmonious state.

What are the benefits of attunement?

When the life force is allowed to flow into the body, it causes significant changes in the body. All disturbances in the body’s energy field are removed and the body is allowed to function normally in its natural state. Attunement also connects the mind to the spirit and allows a person to be at peace with himself and the universe.

As the body and mind regain their balance and harmony with the spirit, all stress, anxiety and tensions are removed. It also deepens ones connection with God. Attunement also makes the body and mind feel relaxed and refreshed and supports the process of healing.

Healing Attunement
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