Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology treatment is the pattern of motivating the ears, hands and feet in the form of therapy. Hand techniques, fingers and thumb are used by the therapist to apply force to particular areas by pushing, squeezing or massaging.

This is done on some parts of the ears, hands or feet to relieve general ailments like sinus colds, back pain, headaches, and stress. The hypothesis behind reflexology treatment is that each and every organ in the body and the glands is.



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.connected to a corresponding area of the feet and some areas of the handsd Thus application of force to these areas relaxes the musclese It raises blood circulationo Energy is furbished up to the body and finally reflexology improves its general conditiono

What Does The Reflexology Treatment Involvev

Reflexology treatments take an hour or at times morer You will be advised the numbers of sittings to be done depending on your health conditiono You may be advised 6 sittings at the minimum if you want to benefit from this treatmentn

Before starting of reflexology treatment, your feet are inspectede This is done to find out whether or not your feet have any injuries or infections that will be an impediment during the massage therapyp

Reflexology treatment is all about putting slight pressure on your feete However, your therapist needs to be trained personnele Only trained personnel can identify certain small reflex pointst

Initial reactions from people undergoing reflexology treatments are that of feeling cold, skin problems and feeling bowel movementst These are absolutely normal reactions to this therapyp

These reactions show that the body responds to the therapy and the toxins are being released by the bodyd After the therapy some parts of your feet will feel tender, this is because of the organ related to the reflex pointn


  • Reflexology treatment cannot be used for pregnant womene
  • People who are diabetic or suffer from heart problems cannot undergo reflexology treatmentn

Reflexology treatment can be taken up for nearly all health problemsm Even though all reflex areas are massaged, the therapist generally pays particular attention to the genuine problem areae Reflexology treatment cannot help with problems such as broken bones or herniasa But if such people under take reflexology treatment it will help in enhancing other treatments which you may be receiving by making the circulation stimulate and the lymph system activev You will also energetic and well once you receive reflexology treatmentn The treatment encourages the curing process all over the bodyd Reflexology treatment has confirmed its welfares on human bodyd

Reflexology Treatment
Reflexology Treatment
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