Chinese Massage Therapy & Benefits

Massage therapy has formed an integral part of most of the ancient civilizations of the world. It plays an especially important role in traditional Chinese medicine and medical texts as far back as 722 BC record various massage techniques that were used back then.

Chinese massage also bridged the gap between therapy, the martial arts and spirituality. It also incorporates elements of acupressure, acupuncture and herbal medicine.


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Varieties of Massage Techniques

Chinese massage techniques have also had a lasting impact on different types of massage therapies in other parts of the world including Japan and Sweden.

Traditional Chinese massage has developed into many different forms over the centuriessome of the most popular Chinese massage types include Tui Na massage, An mo massage and Dian Xue massage.

  • Tui Na massage - Tui Na massage is one of the most popular forms of Chinese massage in the modern day world. It involves deep and constant massage techniques that are applied all over the body in many repetitions,especially the back. Tui Na massage is excellent for treating ailments such as chronic pains, musculoskeletal problems, sprains and strains, arthritis, problems of the digestive system, liver and the spleen.
  • An Mo massage - An Mo massage also incorporates many Chinese massage techniques but it differs from Tui Na massage in that it focuses on the entire body. An Mo massage is used to balance, calm and relax the entire body by using yang techniques.
  • Dian Xue massage - Dian Xue massage uses acupressure techniques to stimulate the various pressure points across the body. It is used to provide pain relief and to stimulate the working of the various organs.

The main Chinese massage techniques involve compression, friction, joint manipulation, swing, pinching and grasping, percussion and vibration. These techniques help in removing blockages, improve blood circulation and relieve muscular stiffness in various parts of the body. Therefore these massage techniques are helpful in treating abdominal, back, chest and limb problems. They also help in improving the flexibility of the spine and gastrointestinal functions. Massage therapists also use Chinese back massage cushions and special Chinese massage beds for these massages to provide good back and body support. Chinese massage music can also be used to enhance the calming effect on the mind. Products like the Chinese back massager are also in great demand because they can be used by people in the comfort of their own homes.

What Are The Benefits of Chinese Massage?

There are numerous benefits of Chinese massage therapy. The various Chinese back massage techniques not only provide pain relief but also help treat a number of physical disorders.

Massage therapy is a holistic approach to health care that not only provides relief from physical ailments, but also relaxes and revitalizes the body and mind. Chinese massage stimulates the circulatory system and the nervous system. It provides relief from chronic pain and improves the strength and flexibility of the various parts of the body.

Regular Chinese massage can also halt the progress of many degenerative muscular diseases.

Chinese massage also stimulates the immune system and increases the strength and resilience of the body. It can also be used to treat injuries and bruises and facilitates the removal of scar tissue.Using Chinese massage for headaches, migraines and constipation can help overcome these problems completely. Tennis elbow and sciatica pains can also be effectively treated with these massages. Athletes and sportspersons can use Chinese massage to recover from sports injuries and improve their performance.

Chinese massage benefits are not only physical. Chinese massage can also relax and re-energize the mind. It is also an excellent way of removing all the accumulated stress and tension from the body and the mind.These massages can rejuvenate and relax the mind from day to day stress and anxiety and even cure anxiety related disorders effectively.

Chinese Massage Fire

Chinese massage using fire is another healing technique that has been followed for centuries. In this method the air inside a cup is heated and the cup is placed on the skin forming an air tight seal. The soft tissues get pulled in due to the suction effect and blood flow to that area is increased. This fire cupping technique is used to treat pneumonia, colds and bronchitis. Chinese massages use special oils which are beneficial to the body in many ways. These Chinese massage oils provide a warming effect to inflexible and stiff muscles and also improve blood circulation around these muscles through their deep penetration. These oils are very useful for problematic areas like the back, knees and other sore joints. These oils can also be used to cure chronic coughs, colds, dizziness, minor bleeding, burns and itches. However, these massage oils should not be used for children below 2 years of age. Chinese massage benefits both men and women. These days many women are also using Chinese massage during pregnancy to overcome pregnancy related physical and emotional problems. On the other hand many women also use Chinese massages for breast growth. These massages can naturally augment the breasts without the fear of any other health complications. Therefore we can say that there are several health benefits of Chinese massage which can be used to treat not only a number of diseases and disorders but also other emotional and psychological problems.

Chinese Massage
Chinese Massage
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