Ohashiatsu Massage Therapy

Ohashiatsu is not simply a form of massage therapy. It is a holistic method of living that embraces the principles of Shiatsu and applies them to our daily lives.

This therapeutic method not only teaches its students how to heal, but also empowers them to lead a healthy and balanced life.

How Does Ohashiatsu Work?


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How Does Ohashiatsu Work?

Ohashiatsu combines the healing techniques of Shiatsu with limb rotation, gentle stretches and meditation. It fuses these methodologies into seamless dance-like form that energizes the body and mind. Ohashiatsu empowers its students with the wealth of positive energy and good health.

A basic program in Ohashiatsu takes approximately two years to complete. Students are encouraged to complete the program at their own pace. After completing the basic course, students have the option of doing an advanced one year course that allows them to become a certified Ohashiatsu instructor. Each class is designed so that it builds upon the lessons taught in the previous class, and in this manner, it allows the students to gradually integrate the concepts they have learnt into their daily lives.

What Are The Benefits Of Ohashiatsu?

Students of Ohashiatsu learn to use exercise, movement and meditation techniques to strengthen the body and mind. The exercise techniques that are taught are also designed to improve posture, flexibility, endurance and movement.

Ohashiatsu meditation techniques allow the student to center the mind and achieve harmony within and without. They promote a positive and healthy outlook on life and strengthen and nourish the mind along with the body.

Ohashiatsu also teaches its students about the various energy meridians that are located in the body. It enables them to stimulate these meridians thereby stimulating and increasing the flow of the universal life energy throughout their bodies. When the flow of energy is restored to its optimum throughout the body, a person feels energized and rejuvenated.

Ohashiatsu also teaches its students healing techniques that enable them to heal themselves and to pass on the therapeutic benefits of Ohashiatsu to others. It is very effective in dealing with all kinds of aches and pains. The widespread benefits of Ohashiatsu also make it a very effective form of preventive therapy. Regular practice can help to eliminate disease and keep the body resistant to further diseases for many long years. Ohashiatsu is highly recommended for the elderly or those approaching old age as it ensures that the onset of many of the problems associated with old age is delayed and sometimes eliminated altogether.

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