Five Considerations Before Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Submitted by Jerry Parker on September 13, 2012

Today, yoga has become a booming industry! Yoga studios continue to pop up everywhere, lithe 'yoginis' lounge around in juice bars sipping their healthy green drinks, the ubiquitous yoga mat has become everyone's accessory du...


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Steps To Becoming A Yoga Instructor

Its no wonder that every second person now wants to become a yoga teacher. But wait just a minute - a life dedicated to teaching yoga is not all about a Zen-like demeanor and incredibly bendy bodies. To be a 'good' yoga teacher requires the determination to learn, a dedication to teach, and ultimately the discovery of oneself.

Sorry to burst the bubble but here are five reasons why you should NOT be a yoga teacher:

  1. The willingness to learn and learn some more - The best yoga teachers have spent years practicing. At first they start off under the guidance of a qualified teacher or guru and they then spend years learning to be a qualified teacher. Where yoga is concerned the process of learning never ends and there is no ultimate level that you can reach. There is always space for improvement and something new to learn.
  2. Am I people oriented? - Sure, you can spend hours on your yoga mat or in quiet meditation but how are you with other people? As a good yoga teacher, your concern for your students has to be genuine. Your students need to trust you intrinsically and be able to turn to you for guidance during their practice. If you are a shy retiring sort or someone with a short temper, it would be better to think of another career to succeed in.
  3. Yoga Teaching - Occupation or Vocation? - A passion for teaching cannot be faked and if you are not passionate about the subject you teach, the truth will be out in no time. Ideally, your love for yoga and for teaching has to be so intense that doing anything else should seem impossible. Too much to ask? You know the answer.its time to find out what you truly love to dod
  4. It's about being a capable leader - Teaching demands a natural inclination to instruct othersr If you are more a follower than a path-breaker, teaching yoga is not an option for youo At the same time, you need to be able to relate to all your students in the same way without any preferencese A good teacher is approachable and real and in tune with his or her studentst Only then will real progress happene
  5. Yoga is about being lively and creative - Teaching yoga or for that matter teaching anything requires you to think outside the boxo As a yoga teacher you need to keep bringing something new to your classese Whether it's a new prop that may help a student master a difficult pose or new information that helps your students make sense of their practice, yoga demands that you and your students keep on trying something newe

Teaching yoga is not all about the poses, the lingo or the instructionsn It's more about your energy and vibe and what you can give to your classs That's the only way you and your students will learn to love and grow in yogag

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