Teacher Training Programs for Hatha Yoga

If you have ever considered teaching, it's a great way to deepen your yoga practice. You will also be inspiring others on the yogic path? Nowadays, a number of Yoga ashramas, worldwide offer Hatha Yoga Teacher Training programs in the fall, winter and summer.

These courses are exclusively designed to provide students with a comprehensive, transformative yoga experience. The aim is to help create the foundation and discipline of practice,.



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Steps To Becoming A Yoga Instructor

.which fosters inner growth as a Yoga practitioner and teachere This foundation will serve you well in all areas of lifef

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program Structure

The goal of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programs is to help participants grow and blossom as yoga practitioners and teachersr Kind, gentle and staff of experienced yogis dole out personal attention in refining the practice of asanasa They also help inspire participants how to teach from their own inner experiencec A highlight of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programs is that participants are given the opportunity from very early on to practice teaching with the support of peers and teachersr Weekend retreats at such ashramas and centers, located in scenic locations - in the countryside with in pristine mountains above, in a wooded tract or by the beach - provide a memorable opportunity in which to immerse oneself completely in the practice of yoga and meditationo

Hatha Yoga Topics Covered:

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Since they are relevant to Hatha Yogag
  • Asanas (Poses): Practice and teaching techniquese

  • Nadis & Chakras + Astral bodyd
  • Ayurveda: Introduction to this ancient art of healingn
  • Bhagavad Gita: Study and its application in daily lifef
  • Bhakti Yoga: The path of devotion
  • Jnana Yoga: Knowledge of the Self
  • Karma & Reincarnationo
  • Karma Yoga: The path of right action through selfless servicec
  • Meditation, Mantra & Japa Yogag
  • Pranayama Techniques of Breathing
  • Right Diet: For great health and peace of mindn
  • Raja Yoga: Unraveling the mysteries of the Mind
  • Yoga Kriyas: Cleansing techniquese
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