La Stone Therapy

La Stone therapy or hot stone massage therapy involves the use of stones, both hot and cold. It provides relief to muscle spasms and muscle ores. The stones are placed on the body of the individual.

The client is required to remove his/her clothing as it aids to open the energy channels. Hot and cold stones help in the alleviation of many ailments.

Marble and basalt stones are utilised for this kind of massage.


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The client is made to lie down on a stone bed. The river stones are flat and are heated between 125 and 135 degrees. A towel is placed between the client and the stone bed. The cloth acts as an insulator. This therapy is performed in conjunction with deep tissue massage. The therapy is a combination technique of thermotherapy (heat therapy) and hydrotherapy (water therapy).

La Stone therapy relaxes the mind. The therapist uses hot and cold stones in an alternative manner. It is a method that involves a scientific approach. The hot stones increases the oxygen supply, this improves the circulation and metabolism. The cold stones remove congestion and prevent blockages. It also relives all kinds of swelling and inflammation. The body gains by this technique and improves the self healing capacity of the body. It also balances the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional energies. It helps tissues at the deep level.

The alternate cold and hot stones acts as a sedative agent and also increases the energy levels. It is a detoxification technique that enables the individual to reach a deep meditative level. It also enhances the immune system, this increases the resistance to infection. La Stone therapy is also known as geo thermo therapy. It brings about a proper balance between the body, soul and mind. The stones are the medium through which the temperature is conveyed, thereby improving self healing. Before undertaking this therapy it's advisable to take prior guidance from a physician.

La Stone therapy lasts for one and a half to two hours. The degree of temperature of the stones depends on the condition of the individual. This therapy also benefits organs that are malfunctioning. Sessions are carried out for many weeks based on the requirement of the individual. La Stone therapy results in changes in the circulatory system, which is also referred to as vascular gymnastics. This procedure brings about certain healing responses in the physiological and psychological levels. It unlocks the hidden emotions and balances the body.

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