Yoga for kidney stone

(April 10, 2008)

Please tell me the types of poses ans asanas for the procurement of stones in kidney

Yoga for kidney stone 

I am sure you must have meant ‘yoga as a therapy to get rid of kidney stones rather than procure them.' Yoga cleansing techniques is the best known preventive measures to tackle the occurrence of kidney stones. One of the main causes of kidney stones is lack of water or hydration in the body. Lack of water during the day and over a period of time causes the buildup of deposits in the kidneys - in the absence of the right amount of water to flush out the toxins from the body. In yoga, body cleansing is a highly important part of any prevention or curative program. It is important to drink eight glasses of water, minimum, every day to dilute the urine and prevent the formation of kidney stones. Three to four glasses of water must be had every morning right after you wake up. Maintain a gap of 30 minutes before you indulge in breakfast. This allows the body to cleanse the toxins from the kidneys.

Cranberries are known to be helpful in preventing kidney stones. Studies carried on the herb Rosemary, also reveal that rosemary inhibits the formation of urease, which is an enzyme that contributes to kidney stones. Those individuals who have a tendency to develop kidney stones must keep away from vegetables such as spinach, rhubarb, and beet greens, to name a few, as far as possible.

Submitted by C D on April 10, 2008 at 05:22

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