Which are the different types of Yoga that help to pass kidney stones?

(July 6, 2012)

Yoga is increasingly becoming popular as an effective technique in helping the body naturally get rid of kidney stones. Regular practice of specific yoga poses can not only help the body to pass out the kidney stone safely, but it can also prevent the formation of more stones. Although, standing forward bends are not recommended for passing kidney stones, seated wide leg forward bends such as the JanuSirsa Asana are highly effective to aid this process. Some other yoga asanas that can help you to pass kidney stones include the PawanaMukta Asana or Wind Relieving Pose, Bhujamga Asana or Cobra Pose, Hala Asana or Plow Pose, Dhanura Asana or Bow Pose, and Ushtra Asana or Camel Pose.

In addition to performing these asanas, it is also important to drink lots of water to help your body naturally flush out the stones. Consuming fruit such as apples and grapes, whether in solid or juice form can also help your body to get rid of kidney stones.

These natural remedies for kidney stones are best performed under the supervision of a qualified therapist. If you are using yoga to get rid of kidney stones, do seek the guidance of a trained yoga instructor.

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