10 Main Points of Acupressure

Submitted by Jerry Parker on May 25, 2012

Acupressure is the holistic art of getting healthy. It doesn’t emphasize on any one style of eating or exercising. It follows an ancient art of pressure points on your body which helps balance the imbalance. This art depends on the flow of energies between and out of these points. Acupressure balances energies with what is stored and how you add to it. Diseases are basically imbalances within your body.


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The key to living well with acupressure is learn to measure the exact point and these exert the right amount of pressure on these points. You can lead a healthy life without making radical changes in your life. It also becomes important to know the important points in your body.

All points on the body are measured based on meridians within the body. For a better understanding of meridians, it would help to do a beginner’s course in acupressure.

Acupressure categorizes 10 points as main points, out of the 360 points present, in the body. For each point the number in the bracket indicates its location.

  1. Heart (7) : Pressure on this point reduces emotional trouble and harmonizes the heart
  2. Lung (7): Applying pressure on this point reduces suffering from chronic breathing ailments like asthma and breathlessness, and migraines
  3. Liver (3): Pressure on the liver can control hypertension, diabetes, insomnia and pain in the breasts. Drugs for hypertension can be completely stopped with pressure on this point
  4. Spleen (6): This organ and its pressure point can help relieve digestive issues. The pressure can increase blood circulation and reduces tiredness
  5. Kidney (1): This pressure point grows in important as you age. Heating this point also helps. Applying pressure improves the kidney function.
  6. Large intestine (11): This pressure point improves immunity and reduces persistent infections
  7. Large intestine (4): Applying pressure here reduces general aches like body aches and headaches. It can reduce the buildup of heat inside.
  8. Gall bladder (34): This pressure point can prevent gallstones, reduce the incidence of migraines and anxiety attacks
  9. Stomach (36): This point can reduce digestive issues, prevent diabetes and even aging. Applying pressure here can reduce suffering from arthritis.
  10. Urinary Bladder (40): This point is useful to control back pain, arthritis, stiff knees and lumbago

Acupressure should be ideally performed on an empty stomach or after a gap of 30 minutes after your last meal. The stomach and the second large intestine pressure point should be avoided if you are pregnant.

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