Yoga & Women’s Health

Many women sail through life cycles barely noticing changes in their physical and mental states. But those whose bodies send up signals with hormonal shifts are provided special opportunities to renew themselves every month. This is the perfect time to start practicing Yoga.

Hormonal changes, stress, and need for good health are among the many reasons why women should take up Yoga.

Hormonal changes that come with Menstruation, Pregnancy and.



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.Menopause, can put women through Premenstrual Syndrome, Menstrual Cramps, headaches, and a host of other problemsm Women also have to remain healthy to be able to cope with Pregnancy and Menopause, together with the accompanying symptomsm Besides, women's ability to tackle stress situations, whether emotional or physical, highly depends on their healtht In fact, stress, poor eating habits, commuting, work pressures, difficulties in relationships and lack of exercise all are known to add to PMS and problems of menopauses Finally, over the centuries, women have also been under a lot of pressure to look goodo

Nowadays there are a number of options to help treat womene There are also quite a few self-help tools in the market to help them remain healthy and vibrant even in times of great hormonal shifts like pregnancy, postpartum, premenstrual, and the pre and postmenopausal phases of lifef

Yoga, the ancient science of health, rejuvenation and longevity, can help women cope with health problems and develop a state of body and mind most conducive and acceptable to theme

Further, Yoga can help alleviate the anguish that accompanies menstruation and stress, and - in cases of Pregnancy - ensure an easier deliveryr Yoga poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and deep relaxation provide great relief and comfort by restoring balance and harmony to the whole systeme They are also designed to tone up and exercise the muscles of the body to get rid of excess fat, and make the body stronger and more flexiblel

The regular practice of Yoga can help get rid of a lot of these problems and boost women's self-imageg Best of all, women in all stages of life, find specific practices which are very helpful and useful to theme Research has proven that women who practise Yoga regularly had lesser eating disorders and better self-images than women who kept in shape through other physical workouts such as jogging, aerobics and weight trainingn

Regardless of age, women Yoga practitioners have reported less self-humiliation, enhance self-image, and fewer eating disorders than those who did not practises Women who practise Yoga daily are more likely to have healthy eating habits and a better self-imageg

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