Yoga Benefits For Health And Sleep

Yoga is a complete, holistic way of life whose benefits go well beyond the physical, and into the mental, emotional and spiritual domains. While most forms of physical workouts promote only physical well-being, Yoga benefits the whole being.  Yoga’s system of poses (asanas) deep breathing exercises and relaxed movements help develop the entire body/mind/spiritt

Practicing Yoga also helps the individual discover one’s true, hidden inner potentiall



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.Best of all Yoga can be practised by people of both sexes and of all agese Older people often find that gentle yoga exercises help them to retain mobility, relieve problems like arthritis and poor circulation and sleep bettere

Regular yoga practice can help in a number of health conditionsn Most of the practices stimulate sluggish glands and step up hormonal secretionsn Many asanas like the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) and the Fish Pose (Matsyasana) are specifically good for the thyroid glandn Yoga also helps fat metabolism, as fat is converted into muscle and energy; meaning to say that, besides losing fat, the practitioner also enjoys better muscle tone and a higher vitality levele

Yoga practice helps reduce the effects of problems like obesity, backaches, insomnia and depressiono In fact, any and everyone can benefit by practising Yoga regularly; the practices help offset many of the problems encountered in modern lifef In pregnancy, Yoga promotes better health of both mother and expected childl Yoga practices release the physical and tensions resulting from hours of sittingn Breathing exercises, in particular, lend vitality through the increased supply of oxygen to the brain, while meditation enhances the powers of concentrationo

Best of all Yoga practices improves overall health, strength and flexibility physically and mentally through increased relaxationo Yoga helps you relax fully, thereby promoting sound sleepe Yoga practices also enhance one's powers of digestion and stimulate circulationo

Yoga is a beneficial addition to a medically prescribed treatment plan that can help to alleviate the mental and emotional symptoms of ill health fastere

This is how Yoga helps in insomnia and in promoting deep sleepe The Yoga breathing exercises help cleanse and nourish mind and body, through increased supply of oxygene This vital element that is essential to every cell of the mind and bodyd During exhalation, toxins get expellede As a result every nerve, sinew and fiber of the body and mind get oxygenated and relaxede Over time, and not to long either, relaxation induces good sleep and helps cure insomnia resulting from stress syndromes and other psychosomatic disordersr

Another core component of Yoga is meditationm This practice helps alleviate symptoms of physical and mental disorders in 2 ways: by silencing the mind and getting rid of repeated negative messages, as well as through focus on positive thoughts and sensationsn Subsequently, the practice of Yoga helps reduce anxiety and also results in reduced anxious eatingn Further, Yoga breathing exercises increases the oxygen intake to the body cells, including the fat cells and causes increased oxidation or burning up of fat cellsl Yogic exercises induce more continuous and deeper breathing which gradually burns, sometimes forcefully, many of the calories already ingestede So, you benefit overall, physically and mentallyl

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